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Things I have to do today:

1. Make bread for an army*.
2. Make pepper steak for an army. (I'm so glad I made the steaks yesterday.)
3. Think of some desserty thing that's vegan. I'd serve my frozen cake but I'm not sure there's enough for an army. Could make a thing of brownies.
4. Tidy up downstairs.
5. Vacuum downstairs.
6. Take a bath.
7. Squeeze in a nap.
8. At some point go to the store to get the stuff to MAKE the pepper steak. That is, peppers and tomatoes.
9. Try not to have emotional meltdown.

Guess I better get busy. Tired just thinking about it all. Expect updates.

*13 people if everyone decides to show up tonight.
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All right. I think I'm back on track until the next busy day throws me into another 24-hour recuperation time of doom.

What I need to do today:
1. Iron the sheets and pillowcases. (No, I DON'T iron the entire thing. Just the cuff parts because they get crinkly in the wash and crinkles disturb my tranquillity.)
2. Clean up the kitchen. Thanks to Dan, there's a lot less to clean up this morning than there was last night.
3. Take a bath.
4. Tidy up the sewing room because it's honestly a disaster area.
5. Iron some clothes.
6. Vacuum upstairs.
7. Make the bed.
8. Finish reading one of my two books so I can feel less ashamed of myself when I make my end-of-month report.


I had a sandwich for breakfast. Tomato, lettuce, and leeks on rye. Best combination ever. I love leeks. I also had apple crisp.

Okay, off to get dressed and go for my walk, neither of which are on the above list.
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Well, time for an actual post that doesn't involve total insanity.

I need to:

1. Figure out what I'm making for Sabbath dinner.
2. Grind flour.
3. Bake bread.
4. Vacuum.

I have a purring kitten on my lap.
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1. Bread must be made.
2. GERMAN RAW APPLE CAKE MUST BE MADE. Sadly, minus cream cheese frosting. I heart cream cheese frosting. Out upon you, healthy vegan lifestyle. However, I WILL dust it with icing sugar because it will make me feel 33% avenged.
3. Come up with something to have for lunch tomorrow.
4. Make a post about Princess Buttercup's "I WOULD NOT SAY THAT IF I WERE YOU" dress at [ profile] jorele
5. Vacuum.
6. Wash the floors. Actually all of them this time instead of just the kitch.
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To do today:

2. Enter more ugly jewellery into the database. (I've done 372 products in the last two days! Maybe I can hit 500 today!)
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And [ profile] mermaids_tears has amply supplied it.

I'm envisioning a not really productive day today, which was not what I intended yesterday, but knowing the way my Pain Days keep getting worse, I'm not counting on getting much of anything done. Blah.

However, there ARE a few things I can at least TRY to do.

1. Go to the library. Books are due.
2. Fend off cat teeth.
3. Make the bed.
4. Rip out the pockets I put in Mr Baldwin's suit coat yesterday because they Do Not Suit His Needs.
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I find that I still have not finished/installed my Neverland moodset. Fascinating.

Today I must be productive.

I could:

*Get a load of some kind of food drying.
*Finish reading "The Borrowers Afloat"
*Do some more sewing on my black and white dress, because it would be nice to have it done before Christmas (goals! yay!)
*Ransack my fabric closet to find the missing handle strap stuff without which I cannot finish our travel bags

I think that could easily keep me occupied for the day.

I think I will take a solitary walk now and take Spot out with me later. I might mention he is a naughty kitten who has decided it's fun to streak outside every time we open the door. He even goes away from the door as we open it like he's trying to make us think he's not paying any attention. Then he makes a dash. So far we have caught him before he gets out (except for the first time he pulled this trick, when he did get out on the patio). But still.

Why can't he be that enthusiastic about running outside when he's safely leashed?
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1. My sewing website needs to be finished.

2. I can't seem to wrap my head around the way it's all supposed to work.

3. Mr B is busy and can't help me.

4. I have a blister on my left heel.

5. I'm tired.

6. I need sleep so tomorrow I can accomplish things.
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0. Finish drinking glass of Walborn.
1. Load dishwasher.
2. Finish making bed.
3. Iron clothes.
4. Tidy up things.
5. Dust. Especially the window sills.

6. Vacuum. (Although I just did that Friday. I may skip this one.)
7. Clean bathroom.
8. Wash floors.

Things I accomplished that were not on the list:
1. Scanned a lot of things.
2. Threw away trash.
3. Typed up diary stuff.
4. Made a pile of diaries. (There are nine. Not counting the ones in the file cabinet. Thankfully most of them are not full.)
5. Watched two episodes of Star Trek with my man.
6. A walk around the neighbourhood.
7. A walk in Lake Oswego.
8. Ice cream with my man at Cold Stone.

Now I am a beat bobbin.

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