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Dream Theatre Factoid: The medical field is dominated 110% by men because too many people will only see a man doctor. You can't just go in and choose between Dr Jeanie and Dr Tuloid.

Also in my dreamiverse Spot got out in the dark and Dan had to go track him down.

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Much less issue today, although I'm still yawning and sleepy. I have managed to start the laundry anyway and washed most of the rest of the dishes we started washing last night.

Real post to come later. I need a real keyboard.

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I just adore the ball of fuzz on the bed.

What I need to do tomorrow, in order of importance:
1. Enchiladas
2. Vacuum
3. Take out garbage
4. Bring down table

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"When one clearly sees a duty, let him not presume to go to God with the prayer that he may be excused from performing it. He should rather, with a humble, submissive spirit, ask for divine strength and wisdom to meet its claims."

This really popped out at me tonight. I am reading about Balaam in my Bible reading and Patriarchs and Prophets, and it's easy to brush over him because, of course, we would NEVER curse or practise divination or take bribes, right?

But what about the deeper root of his sin? It was covetousness, which is idolatry. He craved the material rewards of performing a questionable act. Surely we have all been tempted to sacrifice principle to satisfy a selfish desire of some sort. Think about it. I know I have.

There are/have been/will continue to be things in my life I would rather not do that God might ask me to. But this is why I am convicted by this quote. I need to be very careful, when seeking God's will, to forbid my own desires from affecting my enquiring of Him, and to remember He will never ask me to do something He cannot empower me to fulfill.

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Feb. 8th, 2010 08:39 pm
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Well, the laugh in Molly's sleep last night? Probably real. When Cindy was here she was making funny noises and Molly was definitely trying to laugh - like a half laugh or low volume giggle. I hope she will let go with bigger ones soon. So cute.

I discovered that, sadly, WinCo chocolate chips do not melt well in the microwave. Thankfully, C had Nestle Morsels with her that got nice and melty. We tried a minty truffle - the balls are currently freezing and can be coated tomorrow. The blob of Fail Chips from WinCo is hanging out in the fridge like a dried-out, petrified, very tasty cow pie.

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I was aware that Molly was wiggling arpund this morning for some time. Since she was not screaming, though, I found myself literally an immovable lump. Could barely get my eyes open.

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And the sky became dark as sackcloth of hair, and the heavens poured down their liquid fury upon Lebanon.

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