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I'm just getting started! There are plenty more to be added. This is just what I happen to have in the trailer currently. Hit me up with any queries you may have or if you're looking for any particular hymn.

1. The Broadman Hymnal. No apparent denomination. Copyright 1940. Hardback, green with silver imprinting. 510 songs and 59 responsive readings.

2. Children's Praise and Worship. Uncertain denomination. Copyright 1928. Hardback, blue with black imprinting. 266 songs.

3. Christian Hymnal. Mennonite. Copyright 1959, mine is 20th printing 1998. Hardback, black with gold imprinting. 657 songs.

4. The Christian Hymnary. Mennonite.

5. The Christian Science Hymnal. Christian Scientist.

6. Christian Worship: A Hymnal. Baptist/Disciples of Christ. Copyright 1953, mine is 13th printing 1964. Hardback, maroon with gold imprinting. 93 responsive readings and 558 songs.

7. Church Hymnal. Mennonite. Copyright 1927. Blue with gold imprinting. 657 songs.

8. Church Hymnal. Seventh-day Adventist.

9. Church Hymnal. Unknown denomination. Copyright 1951. Hardback, burgundy with gold imprinting. 411 songs.

10. Foursquare Hymnal. Foursquare Gospel. Copyright 1957. Hardback, burgundy with completely blank cover/binding. 390 songs.

11. Great Hymns of the Faith. Denomination unknown; publisher is Singspiration/Zondervan. Copyright 1968, mine is 21st printing 1974. Hardback, red with gold imprinting. 548 songs and 60 responsive readings.

12. Happy Songs for Boys and Girls. Seventh-day Adventist. Copyright 1952. Paperback, green/red/yellow. 139 songs.

13. Hymnal of the Church of God. Church of God. Copyright 1953. Maroon hardback with gold imprinting. 507 songs and 84 responsive/congregational readings.

14. The Latter-day Saint Hymnal. LDS (Mormon).

15. Life Songs 2. Mennonite.

16. The Methodist Hymnal. Methodist.

17. Modern Quartets for Men. Denomination, if any, unknown; not all the songs are religious. Publisher is Rodeheaver. Copyright 1938. Hardback, black with gold imprinting. 133 songs.

18. Praises We Sing. Mennonite. Copyright 1980, mine is 11th printing 2009. Paperback, orange/white. 382 songs.

19. Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal. Seventh-day Adventist. Copyright 1985, mine is 14th printing 2006. Hardback, black with gold imprinting. 695 songs and 225 responsive readings.

20. Sing to Jehovah. Jehovah's Witness.

21. Songs We Love. Denomination unknown. Copyright 1969. "Limp bound" brown. 270 songs.

22. Soul Stirring Special. Denomination unknown. Copyright MCMXLI. Very ratty paperback, quite a few torn pages. 191 songs.

23. Waves of Glory No. 2. Nazarene. Copyright 1921. Brown "limp cloth" binding. 420 songs.

24. Worship in Song. Nazarene. Copyright 1972. Hardback, russet with gold imprinting. 514 songs and 83 responsive readings.

25. Zion's Praises. Mennonite.

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