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I really, really don't get along well with stairs. Run up them I can - if I lean forward. Run down them I dare not. My depth perception is not good.

Still, even going up, sometimes I feel like I'm falling backwards, and then something stops me.

I think my guardian angel stays busy.

I'm catching up on Truman's audio. It's taken half an hour to upload them so far so I can edit them and they're still not done.
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We just finished lunch. I spent most of the morning working on the front panel of the skirt of the crocheted dress. Listening obsessively to my Judy Collins radio station on Pandora.

Working on herbal audio. Uber fun. :-X
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It has been deliciously cool here today. Dan had all the doors and windows open until I got actually cold around lunchtime and started shutting them. Still feels really nice. According to Dashboard it is 74 out. I can dig that.

I did a couple hours of herb keywords this morning. I'm on page 4 of 4 in the product editor, so I'm almost done. But only with keywords. The herb projects never end. Blah. I also created a lattice in Illustrator for Dan in oh, five minutes. He had already invested waaaaaaaaaaay too much time trying to make some texture in Fireworks work. Silly boy.

ANYWAY... picture time, picture time!

First of all, an update on the green potted things. )

Second of all, an update on the sweater I started yesterday. )

So... this has been my day. How are you?

And I'm hungry.
Anyway, so has been my day.
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The herb I'm entering keywords for at the moment claims that it does the following:

Allows protection from illness and healing. (See for yourself.)

Expliquez-moi, s'il vous plait?
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First of all, my poll of yesterday.

Ken Grant, the artist whose site this is for, wanted a new collage for his homepage. He sent over four images.

Jael, naturally, is very taken with the hot dude in the fedora image and decides to make it the largest. As in A.

Ken Grant calls back and says he doesn't want the hot dude in the fedora bigger than the image with the chair.

Jael thinks this is travesty and grumbles and complains her way through version B.

Ken Grant calls back and says the scary mutant-faced dude is now too SMALL.

Jael pouts and whines her way through version C.

Ken Grant approves.

That is all.

I still say A was best. At least *most* of my friends agreed with me. *shifty eyes at a cricket*

Anyway, enough of that.

We are doing our last-minute packing - well, Dan is, and I'm typing. He has to make a quick run to Radio Shack and the bank at 9 and be back by ten so we can walk down to catch the bus at 10.15. I'm feeling more excited about going by this point. It will be fun to see ze folks.

Dan said he might get bored and that if it was a STAR TREK convention it might be more interesting.

Jael remembered that Bill once said, "Now, if they were having a STAR WARS convention here, it might be more interesting."

Dan said he liked Bill already.

Jael said Bill wouldn't be there. Which is sad.

I'm still sneezing. I blame my husband. I never sneezed or had runny nose until I married him.


Jun. 24th, 2008 04:08 pm
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[Poll #1210433]


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Add 2–3 tablespoons of tea to put in 32–48 oz. of water bring to a boil let simmer for 20 minutes. Let cool refrigerate and you are set for 3–4 days. Put in little 16 oz. or 8 oz. plastic containers that do not leak so you may put in you purse, car, or briefcase. Convenience is the secret to making sure you have take your tea.

^^What in the name of little green kiwis?


Jun. 3rd, 2008 05:24 pm
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Three hours of herbal remedies today. $60. I made back what I spent the other day. I question whether any purchase is worth spending three hours herbalising for. I suppose in the end it will be done whether I've spent money or not. I decided to iMic some tapes while doing it so that I can take a break from herbs at the end of every tape.

The one I am doing now is labelled "OLIVE" in colourful Sharpie. I question its contents, as I remember nothing of the tape except that "OLIVE" certainly had nothing to do with it. A lot of it looks like dead space, judging from the soundwaves Audacity is showing me. Joy.

I can't believe how fastly this day has gone by.
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This evening it is very warm. It was 70 earlier today. We were out and about all morning on the trail of the Elusive Elections Office. The husband didn't get his ballot mailed to him, so he went to the Multnomah Co. office to ask what the deal was, and they said that now that he's in Clackamas Co., he had to go to their office. So we went meandering down to the address the lady gave us and a sign on the door of the [very ghetto] building proclaimed that... the office had re-located. Joy. So we had to find that place. I think I counted about five or six Ron Paul yard signs while out. In fact, I saw more Ron Paul signs than Hillary... or even Obama, I think. This amused me. The best part is there is not a single McCain sign to be seen. Anywhere.

So we finally arrived at the right place and we sat to wait while they processed the information and Dan said, "Are you sure you don't want to register to vote? You could vote for Ron Paul, too!"

I kid you not, right at that moment I saw a sign on the wall stating that it was Against the Law to co-erce or influence anyone else's vote. I pointed this out to him, much amused.

I'm still just not ready to deal with this whole voting thing. The husband - and everyone else - just needs to deal with that and chill.

We finally got home and had lunch. Burritos. I vas schtarvink. When we were done, I was very full. In fact, I am still very full nine hours later.

Then we both buckled down to work. I met my goal of two hours that I made yesterday. Tomorrow my goal is to just finish the herbs keywords. There aren't that many left. One of the products had a LONG writeup and oh maaaaaan this guy can't write to save his life. The sentence structure was just out of this world. I could barely make sense of it, but I think I fixed it. You would have had to see it to believe it.

Then we went to Bible study in the evening and that was good. Pastor Paul got asked a question about the difference in wording between his translation and this other guy's, and it was really refreshing to hear Pastor just come out and clarify what the word of God really is. The Bible IS the Word of God, but it is not the words of God. The apostles and prophets didn't take dictation. This is obvious because of the varying writing styles of the different authors that is still really obvious even thousands of years and hundreds of translations later. The Holy Spirit moved them, and they wrote what He revealed to them, but in their own words. Therefore... no one translation is THE one. It's all from the same source, and people are constantly going back and refining the translation work, learning more about Hebrew and Greek thought and what was really meant by the texts we have. The King James Bible, beautiful as it is, is not the one and only Bible. It has translation errors. Probably every Bible does. But the beauty is that no matter how faulty the translation, its divine origin cannot be disputed by anyone who studies it thoroughly.

Pastor also pointed out that if the KJV was The Only True Bible... what about the fact that the Spanish-speaking countries have no King James Version? Or the French people? Their translations are no less worthy just because they're not written in Shakespeare's English.

That wasn't even his topic for the night, but it was a really profitable diversion and it was good to discuss it and hear him, as a pastor, be honest and open and non-combattive about it.

So now it's warm. It's warm enough that I can smell the cat pee in the corners. Dan and I are praying about what to do when my lease is up in August. Please join and pray with us that God will show us where to go or whether we should stay here. We have some ideas, but we're not wanting to step out of His will.

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Loads of laundry completed: 4
The breakdown: 1 quilt, 1 sheet set, 1 dark load, 1 light load.

The quilt took forever to dry.

Batches of dishes washed: 1
The husband did batch no. 2.

Items ironed: 4
They were all mine. 2 tuxedo blouses, 1 pirate shirt, 1 jacket. I didn't quite finish the jacket.

Exercise accomplished: 1
1 walk to WinCo for food with my man. Ten pounds of potatoes, one thing of dish soap, two cans of pineapple chunks, some yeast, CHOCOLATE CHIPS omnomnom

Meals eaten: 2
That would be a fruit salad, steamed asparagus, and a conglomeration concocted from 5 containers of leftovers in the fridge for lunch. The other meal was in the distant past of this morning and the contents thereof have been duly forgotten.

Baths taken: 1

Sprouting acorns pillaged: 2

Loaves of bread in process: 2
I put oats and brown sugar in. We'll see how that pans out. I have an idea for one loaf. I shall share it later. After I've tasted it.

Minutes of work put in for Health Herbs: 45

In short... my morning and afternoon have been very busy.

But productive.

I will have earned the good night's sleep I can't wait to start.

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