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Today we had fried potatoes for breakfast. I also had scrambled eggs with green onions.

Today we went walking at Chip Morris Park in Corvallis. Molly was a happy camper; Spot was a pill. I think we are not going to take him walking any more. It's impossible to enjoy it (not to mention make any progress) when he refuses to budge. This makes me sad because I love taking him walking with us.

Today we finally went to Trader Joe's. Our verdict: too much 'spensive pre-packaged foodlike substance and not enough food. However, I saw some spring rolls/egg rolls in the frozen food section and that reminded me that I've wanted for years to learn to make those.

Today we went to First Alternative for good tortillas and rice noodles. I heart First Alternative. I love the people you see in there. They're so... Corvallisy. I also found that they had the wrap thingies for spring roll making. So we got some. I'm so excited to try them now.

Today we watched Buster Keaton in "The Saphead" and were both like... this is really dumb. We had pesto with rice noodles and leftover veggies too.
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Sometimes, things happen that, were I not absolutely confident of God's love and grace and the protective presence of angels in our home, would send me over the edge Very Fast Indeed. I'm not going to divulge what exactly happened, because some things are just better put behind one, but I was very thankful last night that Dan was beside me and that God was only a prayer away. God has promised, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper", and this I cling to in faith.

Today was the first time in two weeks that some semblance of normalcy returned to our lives. We had breakfast together and yours truly actually put on her glasses and went for a walk as per her regular routine. Dan came along with Molly in the Baby Bjorn and it just felt so good to get out and move. When we got back, I emptied my sewing closet seeking the stroller seat and found it, but as soon as I sat down to start working on it, my stitches got angry at me.

So I had to give up and go lie down. I thought I would have to stay home while Dan went shopping and this made me really sad, but then I decided to just go anyway because I just *had* to get out of the house. I stayed in the car at some stops. Molly did quite well. She slept in her carrier the whole time we were in Fred Meyer and constantly freaked me out because she seemed determined to suffocate herself. I'd move her face out of my clothes only to have her stuff her fingers up her nose or something. *sigh* She decided she was hungry as soon as we pulled out of the FM parking lot, though, and had to wait until we got to Mega Foods in Lebanon to have her snack. Made for a noisy ride.

Got home and unloaded all our junk and had some dinner and then I sat in the bath for a while because I was so ouchy. Molly has been sleeping in her bouncy chair downstairs. I think I hear her starting to whimper though.
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  • 07:24:28: is cranky, tired, and huge. Any questions about when the baby is due = DO NOT WANT. When it comes, you will know. *feels like Eeyore*
  • 09:02:55: back from a walk. It is a lovely morning. Barely anyone on the road. Pretty much all I could hear was my own bones creaking.
  • 15:05:47: is heading to walk with Katrina and Dan
  • 18:22:22: is trying to decide what she wants to eat. Nothing sounds good.
  • 19:46:46: is going to finish the stroller seat. Then shall the end come. Maybe?
  • 20:44:45: is not happy she can't find the original stroller seat so she knows how on earth this thing is supposed to go back on the frame. BLAH.
  • 20:45:20: However, Raffi is making me feel somewhat better. Yawning, however, does not yawn my sleepies out. It intensifies my sleepies.

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Katrina left a little while ago. Had a nice walk at McDowell Creek Park. I charged along like a crazy woman. I had no idea I was capable of charging these days. But I did, and it felt grand until the very end when I had to pee and couldn't think of anything else. Spot went along. He is now conked out on the cot. It was good for him. :-p Been a long time since he has been out on a walk and he did quite well. He even went up to a fairly large dog and sniffed noses before deciding to bush up and arch up.

Very, very sleepy now though. I want to sleep in tomorrow morning.

Also, my iPod's battery seems to be draining in no time at all. This makes me sad.
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  • 07:13:59: is out of bed. Would rather stay IN bed.
  • 08:21:34: getting ready to go for her morning walk... er, morning waddle.
  • 09:54:52: thinks she was wrong in believing she descended from ducks. It had to have been penguins.
  • 11:02:29: is working on the Baldwin Herald, eating dried cranberries, feeling GooGoo wiggle, and listening to Fernando Ortega.
  • 14:52:32: is fresh out of the tub. Going to go clean up the kitchen and then get Anna's bed ready. :-D
  • 15:42:47: is thiiiiiiiiiiiiirsty. Ironing sheets.
  • 16:34:02: finished the ironing. Catching her breath before moving on to her next task.
  • 17:44:00: sitting upstairs contemplating the silence downstairs that probably means the dryer door popped open again. *sigh*
  • 18:04:58: can't decide if her back is actually numb in spots or if it's just super-sensitive to her clothes right now. Probably the latter.
  • 18:05:39: Calm all your fears, and dry all your tears: love will remain when all else shall wane, guiding me on through the years......
  • 20:16:01: is ready for bed. Though, technically, she was ready for bed about 12 hours ago.
  • 21:36:41: going to pick up Anna shortly.

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We both just went out for a walk dressed as Giant Puffball People of Doom in our down coats.

Halfway on the walk, I got ridiculously hot and unzipped my coat and then finally took it off and carried it.

Dan insisted he was freezing. It's not. It's like 51 out. So I alternated holding his cold hands trying to maintain a reasonable body temperature.

Now I'm sitting here still breathing heavily from the exertion and trying to cool down. I think I need a fan or something.

It was nice to walk, though. Streets were pretty quiet and the sky is so blue and clear today.


Got a small load of pears going in the dryer. Once we started peeling the Bosc ones, Dan decided they were still pretty hard and unripe, so we just did the Bartletts and will wait on the Bosc for another few days or a week.
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I have itchy issues since we went on a walk. I think they are imaginary itchy issues, but I have a healthy imagination. If they are *not* imaginary, we can blame Spot because he decided to wallow liberally in poison oak all the time we were walking until I picked him up and carried him the last little while. So now I have poison oak oil on my coat and probably from Spot's fur all over my skin. I did wash when we got home and we washed Spot with a wet cloth. He hated it. If I wake up with poison oak on my NOSE because I kissed him on the walk, Spot is the guilty one.

He licked himself dry and is sleeping in His Chair. We are sitting on the couch listening to some Loudly Speaking Dude over in the Elks Building's voice wafting this way. It's almost 10. Time for him to hush.

And, on a less insane note, we had smoothies* with popcorn** tonight for dinner.

*kiwi-pear-pineapple-apple-plain yogurt.

**With olive oil, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and Spam Spray.
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Well, Spot was angry that we left him home alone all day, but he would have been angrier had we taken him. He would have had to be in the car almost 3.5ish hours just going there and back plus wait in the car a lot. And the beach? It was windy.

So we left about 9.15ish. It was drizzling, so we decided to go to the aquarium first. It was $15 per adult to get in. Hmm. We were both like, this better be good.

It was good overall, but honestly rather small and, Dan said, struck him as a more expensive version of the Science Centre nearby. It was still fun to see all the fish and the otters and whatnot, but I doubt we'll go again. And definitely not a place to take a Mel, should she ever pass this way. :-p

After that we were hungry, so we went to Mo's for lunch since the fish and chips place Dan recalled was closed as in permanently. That was interesting. Mo's has billboards all over the place and apparently has been around 60 years. The waitress was a bit odd but the food was pretty good - fish not too greasy. Our side options were clam chowder, salad, and some other dish involving unclean meat, so Dan skipped on that and I got salad. Which ended up being topped with a heaping helping of shrimp. Grand.

So I got all the pink grubs moved to one side of the plate and ate the cabbage underneath.

After we ate we went to the lighthouse that is actually a house with just a small tower on the roof where the light was. The wind was pretty intense, but it was a really neat house to look at. Apparently you can have weddings there. The thing that fascinated me most was a cross in a frame ornamented with twining vines and flowers all made of human hair. It was surprisingly beautiful despite the utter insanity of the fact that it was hair - a real work of art. I can't imagine how long that one piece must have taken, because it was fairly good-sized. Should have taken a picture. Didn't.

Then we faced winds on the beach that Dan estimated were about 30mph. Sand blowing along the beach made me seasick. We found kelp. And more kelp. It was fun walking in the wind, but very exhausting.

Then we drove around a bit and came home.

Pictures here:
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It is such a lovely day outside. We went on a walk after our lunch that we had at, like, two. Took some pictures of the sad condition of the pioneer cemetery and then bought chocolates at the Victorian Chocolate House. Dan has been in there before but I hadn't - it's very small, but the owner has a large selection of chocolates and seems like a friendly guy.

He makes all the candy right there except for the specialty stuff like sugar-free, and he uses the traditional chocolate swirly markings on each piece to denote what type it is - B for boysenberry, A for apple dumpling, C for caramel, single line for something, double lines for another. Quite fascinating. He said lots of people don't do that anymore and each candymaker kind of develops his own code over time because you can't use B for both boysenberry and blackberry, for instance.

It's nice to support local business.


And this is the strange cake.


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