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This has been a long day. Molly has been grumpy and fidgety all day long pretty much. My back hurts.

She did sleep just long enough for me to clean up the kitchen this afternoon. It was really a Mess. But mostly I had to do a lot of holding, feeding, and wandering around with her in her BabyBjorn trying to accomplish things. *sigh*

Things are pretty much ready to go though. The house is not as tidy as I would like to leave it. But my toes are tipped with Mauve Frost, I have had a bath, and bed calls. Dan put Molly down a little bit ago and she has been quiet for a while. I'm pretty sure she was tired.
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Molly is a sleepyhead today.

Well, Dan's experiment seemed to be pretty successful last night. Having her bed right beside me gave me no excuse for not putting her back in it, either. She did cry a long time at the outset and after one feeding/diaper change she cried until I fed her a little more and then she settled down.

We'll try it again tonight. I'm hoping she'll be up and awake more this afternoon so she won't be so abubble with energy when bedtime rolls around tonight, so this morning sleepiness is okay by me.

Dan made me a happy water container of joy. Okay, so it's just a quart jar with a straw-hole drilled in the lid, but it makes me happy for a variety of reasons.

1. It will be WAY easier to wash than a water bottle.
2. I only have to drink 3 a day and it will be easier to keep track than trying to think, "Did I drink my 8 and a half such-and-such size glasses today?"

I made gingerbread dough this morning and stuck it in the fridge. I'll bake the cookies at some point tomorrow so they will be fresher to take up to Yakima when we head out Friday.

I also packed up all the clothes I'm going to take with us for her. Seriously... a huge pile. I'm hoping if I overdo it, then she won't need that many. But I also don't want to be caught short by not bringing enough and then she has massive poop explosions every few hours.
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  • 09:32:55: had a good night's sleep, by the way. Thanks God.
  • 11:28:11: @jacquelynfisher Overseas sounds so fun right now. Can I come too? LOL
  • 13:31:17: Spot is an armless, furry slug on my pillow. Wish my camera was handy. It's hilarious.
  • 20:18:54: has a houseful of folk and one of them is playing the guitar. Life is good.
  • 21:13:37: [This is] the end of the matter; all hath been heard: fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.
  • 22:17:08: ready for beddybye. So glad it's Sabbath. WHEEEEEEEEEEE REST! I CAN HAS! and maybe another shoulder massage from Mr Baldwin

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Up at five again. We said goodbye to Grandma and were out the door at 5.45 and by the time we got gas and were on the road it was 6, so we were out in a timely fashion. This was good. I was crocheting on the road, but I have nothing to cut my yarn with and since I was sick of this project I was not trying very hard to find something to cut with.

Dan getting out another layer of shirt because the Subway Cave is cold.

Sign at the cave

Dan inspecting local flora


Jael at entrance of cave

Entrance of cave. It was pretty dark.

Dan coming out the other end of the cave.


Scenery and a husband

Smoky California

Mr Baldwin in the car.

Musings on the trip... as undemonstrative as Dan's family can be, there is a definite love and caring going on. I think the Acts of Service Love Language is spoken pretty fluently. Dan and Norman spent a long time out in the heat pruning and cleaning up Grandma's yard when they could have been comfortably relaxing in the cool house or something.

Grandma was very nice and apparently told Dan that I fit right in. This was good. She also told us she hoped we would be as happy as she and her husband were. He died nine years ago. She said she wished I could have known him.

Home is nice. The heat was intense and outside was so bright I have had this empty-headed feeling that hurts, not to mention just feeling really lethargic and faint. I did have a good time though.
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When people are old enough to move into senior mobile home parks, it seems they get into really tacky lawn decor. *cough*

Sunflowers right across from grandma's house.

Mountains on the way to church in Tahoe.

The church sign. "Heavenly Valley" rivals "Hope Valley" for sheer corn value. Especially considering that Tahoe is hardly in a valley in any case.

The sanctuary - so simple and so pretty.

I gave my Keno money to God. They had a potluck - imagine that. We didn't stay though. I hope that hasn't jinxed Dan's and my luck at visiting on the potluck Sabbaths. :-p The pastor was a very quiet speaker but his message was interesting, about building the temple in Jerusalem in Haggai.

We drove down to Lake Tahoe afterwards and ate some snacks and walked around.

Dan on a couple of rocks.

The lake. I have no idea where Nelson and co. were in relation to where we were. It didn't feel at all like Rose-Marie to me.

Yours truly about to step into the water. It was all glittery and golden with mica or something similar.

A pier

Donna and Arlene

We got home about three because Donna wanted to go swimming before the pool closed (7p) and she hadn't gotten her swim yet.

We had dinner which was yumness and scanned more photos. I do love old photos. This is a photo of me with a Smokey Bear that has been in the family for ages.
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Woke up and did take temperature and then went back to sleep until about 8.30 when Mr Baldwin decided to arise. Had some Cheerios to fix my low blood sugar and then Donna made fried potatoes and cantaloupe. It is ten now and we are about to go to Costco. Dan and Norman are out doing yard work.

Well, we went to Costco and came home briefly... then we went to Dollar Tree where Donna bought us some Coke glasses - the nifty green type - and then to Grocery Outlet. After we got home we sat and rested a bit before heading to the Nugget again for lunch. I had a double cheeseburger. I had more luck with Keno and won a whopping four dollars. I also had an ice cream sundae that was a tad bit messy. I suspect the chocolate syrup was heated up and caused everything to melt.

Norman spreading ketchup on crackers as an appetizer while Donna scolds him.

The ceiling was backlit stained glass and this reflected in my flatware.

Sceptical Dan is sceptical.

Messy Sundae, Inc.

I fan myself with my huge $4 winnings.

After that, we went to Virginia City. Now that was a spot I could have spent many many hours enjoying. I have to confess I had a definite fascination with the Red Light Museum, but I had a feeling no-one else would share this fascination, so we didn't go. *cackle* Grandma and Donna stayed in a casino and played while the rest of us walked around and looked at things. We saw a shop full of really neat minerals and rocks - they had some huge amethyst geodes that were like $3000 - and in another place beheld the Famous Suicide Table and the $100,000 world globe (which was actually only a $450 world globe at the time of its purchase). We went down to the Catholic Church but of course it was closed. So we took photos in front of the statue of Mary and a red door. Then we went back to meet with the others, who got kicked out of the Bonanza because it was closing time, but there was a place to sit so they were waiting for us.

I will give you nightmares.
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I did not sleep that great and woke up needing the bathroom desperately. I just skipped taking my temperature that morning because it was too complicated - I knew I wouldn't get another three hours of sleep, for one.

We were up at five and out right around six. We stopped once to switch drivers, once at a rest stop to switch drivers again, once at a gas station, once at another rest stop, and then not again until we got here right around four. We went to the Nugget right away for dinner. I had fish and chips because. We played one round of Keno because Grandmother likes to. I have never been to a Casino before. Quiiiiiiiiiiiiite interesting. Well, I've been to Dave & Buster. Not sure if that really counts though. *coughgirlyfrogstrawscough*

So, we had a good dinner. We came home. Robert and Carol both called Grandma and talked to her for a minute and Donna for like ten. Robert wants her to come out to Michigan next week (he's a Republican something or other with some event to go to) and Carol had death news of some sort. We visited for a while and then Dan and I went to bed around nine because I was exhausted.

This would be Donna warming up her ice cream in the microwave. It ended up being really gross. Grandma told her not to eat it because it was so old, but she didn't listen.
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So, we are packed. We are going to drop off the kids plants at the Smiths' on our way so that they will remain alive until our return. It will be a hot weekend.

We are waiting for "Julia Misbehaves" to finish encoding so we can put it on iPod and go. I enjoy that I accidentally picked as my second movie "Theodora Goes Wild". It is clearly the Day of the Mischievous Woman.

It will be a hot trip down. O the joy.
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We got up at five and were out of the hooker haunt by five-thirty. We found the airport, turned in the car, and took the tram to the terminal so we could check in. Behind us in line a man and his wife had a lot to say.

Man: I've nevah seen a line dis long.
Wife: We still gotta go troo security aftah dis.

It was a rather long line, but since we had plenty of time I wasn't really concerned. A few minutes later, they had more to say.

Man: I've nevah seen a line dis long.
Wife: We still gotta go troo security aftah dis.

It was a rather long line, but since we had plenty of time I wasn't really concerned. A few minutes later, they had more to say.

Man: I've nevah seen a line dis long.
Wife: We still gotta go troo security aftah dis.

You get the idea.

Security was a little rocky. In Portland, they didn't question the fact that my ID card doesn't say Baldwin, although I had brought our marriage thing to show if they needed it. It didn't occur to me, therefore, to have that out in Newark. The man was very impatient and brusque with me. Actually,let's just say rude. We had to go through secondary security. I felt a little bit like a cow being led to the slaughter. It's like you're not a person, you're just some object that for some unfathomable reason has been reduced to Worm Status.

Finally made it through. At least I didn't have to be frisked.

The plane was there on time, but they didn't call us to board until 30-45 minutes after the scheduled departure (not boarding!) time. I was really tired and hungry and zonked out for a while here until the movie started. It was Definitely Maybe and I actually enjoyed it. I've heard about Abigail Breslin, but not seen her in anything. Very cute little girl. Now they are showing Fool's Gold again and I'm passing on giving that one another opportunity.

Dan and I are light years apart, it seems. He's in 18D and I'm in 20E. :-( I'm sad. It's kind of hard to not fall asleep on the dude on my right or the woman on my left. We got served an egg and cheese biscuit that wasn't really very warm or good for that matter but it was food and I was starvink.

We should be in Portland at about 12.40, they said. A bit over an hour. I think I shall try to get some more sleep. And dream of being home again in my own bed with my husband.

We are now home. We are hot. We have the A/C on.
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We woke up later than planned. That would be at 8.00 rather than 7.30. Dan finished packing the suitcase and we went down for breakfast. Rose-Marie was the movie that morning and Dan stayed for it. It was really fun to see it again and he seemed to enjoy it.

We had lunch - I only ate a little rice and cheesecake. My stomach wasn't feeling too well. I'm not used to this kind of food anymore, I guess - although Claire also complained of having some issues as well. Visited with the Scotland lady and her sister, which was fun. Introduced the movie and hugged people goodbye and we were off after getting directions - Dan did it himself this time so we wouldn't get lost in the dark yet once more.

Stopped in Hershey on the way home because Katrina specifically requested a T-shirt from Hershey. I got an ice cream cone - mint chocolate chip. It made me feel better. My stomach was not a happy camper prior to the ice cream. It was raining and lighting on the way from there to Newark. By rain I do not mean a piddling little Portland, Oregon rain. I mean REAL rain. The kind that reduces visibility to almost nothing at all. Dan said he was really glad at that point for the large vehicle with good windshield wipers.

Rain let up by the time we got to Newark. Technically, Elizabeth, NJ. Our reservation was at Knight's Inn on Spring Street.

The best way to describe this place would be in two words: hooker haunt. It was a shady looking place in an apparently shady part of town. Dan went up to look at the room before he came back to get the stuff out of the car and said that I would find it quiiiiiiiiiiiiite interesting. He said there was a circular bed and a stock of condoms.

The room itself was clean.

I can't say the sheets really were. I found several hairs in them.

The bed was round as Dan described. The condoms turned out to actually be little packets of shampoo. I was amused. There was a roof on the bed, of sorts, with a mirror most dingy in which you could look at yourself in while you lay on the bed. (I might add we slept on top of the sheets, not between them.) The bed was upholstered in crushed velvet, burgundy, and encircled with Christmas lights. The headboard had a built-in... TAPE DECK. Dated. With speakers. And a few cigarette burns and more mirrors.

There was a jacuzzi. If it wasn't already, surprise, midnight by the time we got there, we had hoped to use that. No time. *sigh* The jacuzzi was a fresher aspect of an otherwise incomparably seedy room.

Oh man. I still can't believe that room.

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Well, we went places today.

Today we left at about 8.45 for church - the Erie SDA. It was very nice experience. Sabbath school was not as much discussion as I know Dan enjoys, but it was really good to see a wide age range in the group when they converged for service. The man who did special music was the pianist and he played and sang "It Is Well With My Soul" - utterly gorgeous. The man who did the children's story impressed me, too, because he told a story from the Bible and did a really good job of explaining it (the story of the siege of Samaria and the two lepers who went and told the city that the Assyrians were gone) - showing them how that is similar to the Gospel and how we should be busy telling everyone that Jesus is coming again. Very good. The sermon was about Fundamental Principle 24, the coming of Jesus. A good review of the texts about that.

We stayed for potluck as well and after we had eaten and visited a bit, we took their recommendation to visit Presque Isle, which is basically a peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie. It was very beautiful up there. I took off my shoes, which were really painful - my feet felt fat - and walked along the edge of the water on one of the beaches for a while. Then we drove back to Cambridge Springs, had dinner with Claire's gang, and drove around to look and see where the Rider Hotel used to be (it was some HUGE hotel, of brick and much bigger than the Riverside) on the 1895 map drawing of Cambridge Springs that hangs on the wall at the Inn). It is gone, but there are some sort of warehouses there now. Behind it is an old college, not on the map, that is now a correctional institution. Wow.

Also drove around just to look at scenery in general. Got back in time to wander the Inn and take some photos. We were going to have a group together in the bar like last year, but there were so many people in there and no-one of our group but Claire and Diane to come, which was fine, but by the time we finished watching our wedding video we decided to just skip it and go to bed. I finished writing up my notes for introducing The Chocolate Soldier and helped pack.

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This morning was Girl of the Golden West, and Dan didn't click with that one too well. Said the beginning was too confusing and he couldn't understand what was going on. I can't say I blame him, although I much enjoy it myself. After lunch we went walking in downtown Cambridge Springs. It was really bright outside, so we went into several shops to be out of the sun. It was fun to look around, and I found a set of the Risë Stevens love songs record at the junk shop. Yay. It's a little mildewy, but I hope that can be remedied.

We came back and took a nap, which left me really dazed when we did get up. We dressed in our tuxedo shirts because Ron and Barbara were doing a concert that night after dinner. It ended right at sundown, so we stole away. Robert had called Dan though about his server and that crisis had to be remedied. Then we went upstairs and I had my bath and we enjoyed each other's company until we decided to go to bed.

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We woke up at about 8.30 this morning. I felt very rested. I woke up all by my onesy before the iPod went off.

Dan stopped at the bank to withdraw some cash. The exit/U-Turn things were much easier to see and navigate in daylight. Yay for daylight. We got going, stopping once for gas and once for a bathroom, but still didn't arrive at the Riverside Inn until five o'clock. The countryside was so lovely. Dan quite admired it, and I was so happy to be back. We saw a sign for free kittens. Awwwwwwwwwww. Sad little Jael wanted a free kitten muchly. Dan reminded me that a free kitten really *wasn't* free. Which I know, actually. But still. Furry furry pointy purry awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. /kittygush

Dinner was at 5.30, so we had just time to take our things up to our room (305). It was a really nice room, and the bed was long enough for Mr Baldwin, even though it had a footboard.

We sat with Bill and Marlene... and Lynn, too, I think. We all had cod... and a nice visit. Fish after so long a time of meatlessness was delightful. We went to the ballroom for introductions at seven. Dan stayed for a bit, but was really tired and I told him he should go up and get some sleep and I'd be up later. I did go up in a little bit and he was totally out, so I came back downstairs and visited with Claire. Had a good talk about the Boonstra messages and Ellen White, and then Dan showed up and we visited all together for a while before going to bed at about 10.30.

I might mention that some very funny individual(s) decided to treat us to plastic cockroaches on the pillows. *cough* *looks around for the usual suspects* *finds that one of them is an insect herself*

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Well, we got up at six this morning, got the rest of our stuff together, and watched the rest of "Imitation of Life" that we started yesterday. Then we walked to the bus stop, which involved yours truly pushing along her massive suitcase merrily down King Road. Thank God it has wheels. We caught the bus. It was full and fuller of fascinating personalities, including three young, pretty girls from around ten to fifteen or so. They appeared to be sisters and were quiet and well-mannered and I decided from watching their lips that they must be Russian, which turned out to be true when the middle sister sat beside me to read a Russian book.

We got off the bus and onto the Max to get the rest of the way to the airport. Dan had checked us in online so we just had our luggage to check in. Which happened quickly. Then we went to sit and wait because we were early. I proceeded to not be able to find my ID anywhere. Or my wallet. After emptying both our carry-on bags, Dan went to see if they could retrieve my suitcase.

I felt incredibly stupid when about ten minutes later I found the ID. It was in my backpack, in my wallet, in the pocket I never use except to stick used underwear in. Go figure.

So I had to hunt down my husband, which involved the shouldering of his heavier backpack as well as my own and my camera and his bag of shoes. Ouch. I felt so bad that the lady went through so much trouble to find my suitcase. At least they made the effort. Kudos, Portland Airport Personnel.

I bought myself fast food French fries at Wendy's because they smelled so good and I had heap big cravings for them. I bought the biggest size they had. Issues. Dan had some too. Finally it was time to board the plane. We so did.

The moment we took off, however, an incredible heaviness overcame my head and I gradually fell into a pretty gross stupor, complete with massive headache. We watched two Star Trek episodes on iBook while some creepy-looking in-flight movie was playing. Then some really lousy movie called "Fool's Gold" was on and we watched that, although on occasion nausea overcame me and I took out my earphones for a few minutes. It involved a bunch of really lame characters on a quest for treasure that was trying really hard to sound like a noble, worthy cause. This was intermixed with a once-married-now-divorced couple getting back together and fighting the whole time and a really stupid teenager with an elderly father. Retarded.

Anyway, so we got off the plane, collected Suitcase, and went to Avis to rent a vehicle. I pulled out the iPod while Dan stood in the [long] line and was amused that someone in the vicinity had a network named "marx-brothers-w-c-fields" or some such. It was locked. But go Marx Brothers.

We got a brand-new SUV, a Buick Enclave, as our vehicle. A little larger thing than we were really wanting or imagining to rent. However, it was nice and shiny and roomy, with comfortable seats. We got out at around - oh, ten or eleven by that time, I think. We got out on the highway. No highway, even in Newark, should have the right to be as IN-SANE as it was at that late hour. Cars appearing out of nowhere while Dan is still trying to learn to manipulate Mr Enclave. Pretty scary. Of course, we had no idea where we were going or how to find a hotel of some kind that wasn't priced out of our range, and ended up going to Jersey City before realising we should turn around. We headed in a general northwesterly direction as we had déjà-vu of our wedding night. Note for future reference: Dan and Jael need to stop trying to find places to sleep at midnight in strange places in the dark. Yeah.

Finally, in a small town called Parsippany, that had miles and miles of non-ability to turn left or make a U-turn to get to the motels on the other side of the road, we found a Red Carpet Inn. We finally found out what the natives probably find very obvious: U-Turns are provided via an exit-like turnoff that loops one around and opens the ability to make a left turn and go the other direction. We got back to said Red Carpet Inn this way, and an Eastern fellow in the lobby - couldn't tell if he was Indian or Middle Eastern - gave us a king bed room. Dan asked what the sales tax was in this area, and the man answered,"Why do you want to know?" followed by a very terse, "I don't know anything about that." The room did not, as the Inn's name suggested, actually have red carpet, and the figurative significance of the name was lost when one considered the slightly ghetto nature of the place. Still, however, I've seen dirtier places, and at least it was roomy. The headboard was not attached to the bed, but nailed to the wall over what we suspect was really a queen mattress turned sideways. Experiment to be fulfilled on our own queen at home to find out. The pillows were lumpy, and the mattress slightly caved in, which caused Dan to roll into me. Which I didn't particularly mind, mind you. I mean, it was pitch black in that room after the lights were out, and dark is scary. Besides, my headache was a nightmare, but sleep was all I needed.

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We are at the airport and there was definitely an old lady who did come out of the bathroom with the seat cover firmly attached to her pants.


I also very nearly did not have my ID.

More details later when I have the iBook to type on.
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First of all, my poll of yesterday.

Ken Grant, the artist whose site this is for, wanted a new collage for his homepage. He sent over four images.

Jael, naturally, is very taken with the hot dude in the fedora image and decides to make it the largest. As in A.

Ken Grant calls back and says he doesn't want the hot dude in the fedora bigger than the image with the chair.

Jael thinks this is travesty and grumbles and complains her way through version B.

Ken Grant calls back and says the scary mutant-faced dude is now too SMALL.

Jael pouts and whines her way through version C.

Ken Grant approves.

That is all.

I still say A was best. At least *most* of my friends agreed with me. *shifty eyes at a cricket*

Anyway, enough of that.

We are doing our last-minute packing - well, Dan is, and I'm typing. He has to make a quick run to Radio Shack and the bank at 9 and be back by ten so we can walk down to catch the bus at 10.15. I'm feeling more excited about going by this point. It will be fun to see ze folks.

Dan said he might get bored and that if it was a STAR TREK convention it might be more interesting.

Jael remembered that Bill once said, "Now, if they were having a STAR WARS convention here, it might be more interesting."

Dan said he liked Bill already.

Jael said Bill wouldn't be there. Which is sad.

I'm still sneezing. I blame my husband. I never sneezed or had runny nose until I married him.
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1. The dishes have been washed. Twice. They will have to be washed again later.*
2. Maps have been printed out along with directions.
3. Shock has been had at the cost of a room at the so-called cheap motels, such as Super 8, in Newark and its environs (the cheapest I could find was $75 prior to taxes).†
4. Disgust was to be had on the part of my husband, who was horrified that the rental place had Fords and Chevys to offer, but no Subarus. Or even Toyotas or Hondas.
5. The nearest SDA church has been located, and their website denounced as hideous by me. However, Dan says that at least they HAVE a website.
6. My large suitcase has been packed. It is not as literally packed as in former years. In fact, Mr Baldwin will easily be able to fit his clothes in and still perhaps have room to spare.
7. Some work has been done. For the most part, however, I am unmotivated.

*Different dishes, that is, from different meals. Not like some strange dishwashing ritual or something.
†Many of the ones that were so *cough* cheap had horrible reviews. Exempla gratia: One Ramada Inn had two isolated reports of hairs discovered on towels.
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We had a lovely morning at the bungalow. We made fried potatoes for breakfast and made a fire and s'mores while the laundry was laundering. Dan did the dishes while I started packing our stuff up, and we left Manzanita around two.

We stopped at a few art galleries in Cannon Beach, which was fun. Then we decided to check out Fort Stevens. We got there at three-thirty to see a sign proclaiming it closed at four. Joy.

Well, we made the most of our half hour. We saw most everything in the museum and halfway checked out one battery before we got shooed out by rangers. We drove out and looked for the cemetery that was supposed to be nearby. Of course it was closed. We passed another cemetery on the way back to Seaside and it was closed, too. Sad. So were they all.

We decided to stop in Seaside for dinner. Dan remembered a place he thought was called Donna's (it was Norma's), but we decided to eat at Pudgy's instead. Our waiter reminded me of someone, but I could not think who. We had halibut and rice pilaf with veggies and went wandering along the promenade and down a street or two to look at the old houses, which is always fun. On the way back to the car, we passed a Dreyer's store and Dan bought me an ice cream cone. I had strawberry cheesecake. Yummyness.

Then we headed home. I really had to go number 2. This is always a problem when your only option is a rest area. Specifically a rest area where none of the automatic sensing flushers have the sense to flush. One toilet did not have a heap of soggy toilet paper mounded up in it, so I very carefully lined the seat with paper because they didn't even provide seat covers and I went.

Oh, how I hate public bathrooms.

When we got home, Dan put his desk and chair together and we moved mine to make room for his.

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This morning we had continental breakfast courtesy of Microtel. They actually had waffle batter you could pour into waffle irons. We had that... and some toast and apple from our own food stash. We had to check out by eleven, so after we did that we went wandering out toward Astoria and spent a few hours at Fort Clatsop. Dan said he had often seen the sign but didn't know what it was. At first he beefed about the idea of paying $6 for us to be there but after wandering around a bit and seeing the museum he changed his mind. It was very educational and he remembered more about this leg of Lewis and Clark's journey than did I. They reconstructed the fort according to Clark's drawings and descriptions and it was really neat. We walked down one of the trails as well and then came back to the car and had sandwiches for lunch and the last of our sparkling cider.

Then we went to Ross to see if they had a scarf for me (I'd forgotten any sort of hat to keep my head warm). We found none we both liked, but we did find a new pair of flip-flops that was clean and shiny unlike my filthy ones that I bought three years ago when I visited Ginny - I finally threw them away because they were beyond cleaning up after the hike on Monday. We also found 600 thread count sheets, heather in colour, for $40.

We went over the bridge across this WIDE area of water between Astoria and Washington for the kicks of it. There is a neat historic place on the Washington side that we didn't have time to explore but I hope we can go sometime again - then we headed back to Manzanita so we could get to the office and be sure we got the key to the bungalow. They closed at five and we got there at ten 'til, so we were lucky, although they had assured me they would not forget again. So we went in and looked around. There was a gift basket. We were afraid that there would be champagne in it but there wasn't - it ended up being from Stevi herself, not the OceanEdge people, so there was some fruit and other yummy stuff in there. :-) The OceanEdge people had left us a bottle of sparkling cider, so at least we had some bubbly to drink that we *could* drink. We were also amused because our bed there had Dan's favourite thing in the world, flannel sheets. *cough* Lucky we had the sheets we bought! Well, I was amused. Dan not so much. Flannel sheets are to him what socks are to me - suffocation devices.

The house was really nice. We made ourselves some salad with Donna's lettuce and baby carrots and had some hot chocolate (a mix from Stevi's basket) and sat in front of the woodstove, which opened with a grate like a fireplace. Very cosy. We sat in the armchairs and talked about kittens and Bible stuff and what we liked and didn't like about the house. It was a really nice place, but it had a few not-so-lovely things, the chief one being two robin's egg blue doors in walls that were panelled in real wood. ! We really like the area out there all along the coast, especially the Seaside/Astoria area, and we talked about how nice it would be to get an acre or two and put a log cabin on it, and we really liked the living room of the bungalow and thought it would be fun to do something similar in our log cabin.

I was very much aching and paining from all the walking and such and I was very glad to go to bed.

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