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Molly is on her play mat while I am playing Wee Sing Around the Campfire for her. Her mirror, thanks to a picture of Bella's play mat, is now attached correctly so she can actually use it.

I'm so, so tired. As in... I feel like a machine. We watched "Dark Frontier" last night (a Voyager double episode) which was, sadly, cut off at the climax. I need to ask Dan if he found the ending anywhere. I had to stop it anyway because Molly was going crazy and needed to be put to bed. Anyway, I enjoyed it. Seven of Nine is pretty much how I feel this morning. A mindless drone.

I could barely get myself out of bed this morning. Molly woke about 5.30 and just wouldn't go back to sleep, so I lay her beside me figuring that at least *I* could sleep a little more. Not so much luck with that. She fell asleep, though, and peed on the sheets. Thanks, child.

I was bummed that we didn't get to go hike yesterday. The laundry just took so long and then I was tired.

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Being up from 11-something to 1-something tending a fussy child: not so lovely.
Having child sleep like a log from 1-something to 5-thirty: lovely.

Waking up with headache: highly uncomfortable.
Prospect of frosted mini-wheats for breakfast: somewhat comforting.

Pile of laundry that NEEDS to be done today: daunting.
Fact that Donna is providing lunch for the clan today: relieving.


Also, I repeat that had "Voyager" been made a few decades earlier, Katharine Hepburn would have been Janeway. We watched the first episode last night, which was nice to get the scoop on how they ended up in the Delta Quadrant and more about who's who. The Hepburn-ness was brought home for me by Janeway's parting message to her boyfriend that involved a dog and general cuteness that I suspect only Hepburn could pull off in my ancient world of reality. So, anyway. Janeway's only real major failing in my mind is that she does not point correctly a la Picard when she says "engage".
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Spot is seriously obsessed with this one pillow. I really wish I understood why. All I had to do was set it beside me here on the bed and he instantly curled up on it. He may have left otherwise. He's so soft and orange and fat looking right now.

Last night we watched a Voyager episode on YouTube that was pretty good (Retrospect) while we ate French fries and morningstar Chik Patties (I was craving. Hush). I was having a slight sensation of numbness in my back again, which has been happening for several nights in a row now. I'm not so sure that it was really numb, though, since I was highly sensible of being brushed with a paintbrush via Dan. :-p He gave me a shoulder/back rub and said there was some funny crinkles going on in one shoulder, so that was probably the cause. Side sleeping I will blame. I can't wait to sleep on my back again.

My idea for supper tonight: popcorn, apples, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and other such similar easiness. Not super exciting, perhaps, but I don't want to be thoroughly exhausted trying to please, either.

I need to eat breakfast now. Not sure what I want. I'm kind of obsessed with my waffles. Maybe I'll have some of those and an egg or something.
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  • 08:59:43: wonders why Spot is so obsessed with my oldest, lumpiest, stainedest pillow.
  • 09:59:51: Going to the bathroom, the library, and my midwife appointment. In that order.
  • 16:57:54: AHHHHHHHHHH. This baby is hammering to be let out of the cage like a rabid gorilla.
  • 18:17:55: Spot is pawing at the poster of Worf. When I told him Worf doesn't like him, he hung his head.
  • 20:44:16: is quite a sleepy bobbin. Bedtime.
  • 21:11:06: Remind me to not romp and frolic with Spot in future. Can't get my breath back now thanks. :-(

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Star Trek: First Contact chocolate bars, 4 out of 6 in a series, in Donna's freezer since 1996.

Star Trek: First Contact chocolate bars, 4 out of 6 in a series, turn up on Jael's dining room table in 2009.

Star Trek: First Contact chocolate bars, 4 out of 6 in a series, surprisingly not too bad considering they are twelve years old and counting.
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Me (replenishing various bathrooms and other places): We only have 36 rolls of toilet paper left! We're almost OUT!*
Dan: We'll have to make a run to WinCo!
Me a la Worf: The toilet paper supply is in a crisis, Captain. I recommend beaming down an away team.
Dan: I'm going along.
Me: No, Captain, you're not supposed to go down.
Dan: I have to go, Number One.
Me: I have to go number two. That's why we need the toilet paper.

*We probably actually have more than that.
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I confess obsession. Four out of ten Data icons.

6 7 8 9

Follow the fake cut to see the rest!
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Thanks to Adobe Media Player (or some such) we just watched "All Our Yesterdays" in which we got to see SPOCK BECOMING BARBARIC WITH A WOMAN. This was pretty fantastic.

Other than that, I'm gleaning an insane amount of Data captures from Photobucket. I go get lost in icon world now.
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^^More photos of kitten

We want to name it Spot. [ profile] paularidgeway continues to argue that this is not a good name for a cat with no spots. Does nobody comprehend the brilliance of naming a cat Spot? Especially an orange cat?

Felis catus is your taxonomic nomenclature,
An endothermic quadruped, carnivorous by nature;
Your visual, olfactory, and auditory senses
Contribute to your hunting skills and natural defenses.

I find myself intrigued by your sub-vocal oscillations,
A singular development of cat communications
That obviates your basic hedonistic predilection
For a rhythmic stroking of your fur to demonstrate affection.

A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents,
You would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance.
And when not being utilized to aid in locomotion
It often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion.

Oh Spot, the complex levels of behavior you display
Connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array;
And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend,
I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.
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Well, although I did not do EVERYTHING on my list, my kitchen is sparkling clean and the table is clear except for my thing of furniture polish and the two latest magazines.

I got on a sidetrack project of removing all my DVDs from their cases. Dan ordered me a wallet thing to keep all of them in because the two shelves they're on are just really being space eaters. Figured we would take them to Deseret along with the rest of this junk he brought back from the homestead. So I have all the papers and booklets in a box now and I'm amazed at how much LESS space they will take up in my life in a wallet.

I did take out one bag of paper to the recycling. It is raining. I am using this as my excuse to not take out the rest.

Dan managed to go through some of this stuff. I think I'm going to need to prod him along to help me take the stuff to the car that will be going to Deseret. I really can't clean the living room until this stuff is relocated. I should take a picture. It's as bad or worse as any mess *I* ever had here.

[ profile] paularidgeway made me this Deanna icon yesterday. I believe it will come in useful, although Space Cadet is hardly appropriate for Deanna herself. She's da bestest. I'm still not really into her and Riker as a couple, though. Riker is slowly becoming less annoying, but I have to say I'm more intrigued by Deanna+Worf. I know, I'm weird. But seriously... Riker is such a womaniser. Irritating. If he was more focused on Deanna, it would be different...

The following bit of dialogue was pretty priceless, though. From "The Game" (which was really good).

Riker: Chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge and chocolate chips. You're not depressed, are you?
Troi: I'm fine, Commander.
Riker: Would you like me to leave you two alone?

Troi: I never met a chocolate I didn't like.

How to eat a chocolate sundae: First of all, you have to spoon the fudge around the rim, leaving only the ice cream in the middle. Then you gently spoon the ice cream around the sides, like you're sculpting it. Relish every bit, make every one an event, and then, with the last spoonful, close your eyes.
Riker: I had no idea it was such a ritual.
Troi: Chocolate is a serious thing.

I think I need a Deanna chocolate icon. I will reward myself with one when I have concluded the cropping of my 2000 photos. (The year 2000, that is, not the number of photos.)

Oh, and I was asking Dan what he would do if he was to write an episode of Star Trek. He said he didn't know but it would involve someone being trapped somewhere. He asked me what I would do and I said I was intrigued with the idea of picking two characters that didn't seem at all in cohesion with each other and put them in a situation together, like Data and Worf. Then again, almost anyone plus Worf would make for an interesting hour of entertainment. I got a great amusement out of "Disaster" when Worf had to deliver a baby. "You have dilated 10cm. You may now give birth." Um... anyway.

As Ginny would say, Isssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuues.
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So, my back and I have settled for an armed truce. It has agreed to not spasm on me if I agree to limit my mobility to something along the lines of a slab of wood.

Still, I made it out on errands with Mr Baldwin. I got embroidery floss to tie up quilts with, some thread, and a plethora (okay, like 4 cards, but plethora was more fun to say) of little buttons.


1. Finish the Winnie-the-Pooh quilt that I started yesterday. Tied with white embroidery floss. This would be the baby blanket of which my future son will be the lucky recipient. I'm debating whether to embroider his name on it or if that's just asking for trouble.

2. Finish 3 other lap/baby-size quilts in the closet that are all identical to sell on Etsy. (It just occurred to me I may not have enough batting. Cheap batting will be in order, methinks...)

3. I also cut out an XXS baby dress. It may be an Etsy item. Then again, I do intend to make a dress in each size for my future daughter. It depends how attached I get to it whilst making it.

In other news, the future daughter's baby quilt got pulled out this morning while I was in more pain than I currently am and I worked on quilting on that a tad. Oh the joys of just TYING Master Baldwin's quilt. Shoot me if I ever volunteer to quilt anything again.

And I am eating way too many tomato-leek sandwiches on rye (with a little black pepper dashed on) since last night. We watched "A Fistful of Datas". Brilliant indeed. I do enjoy me some Klingons Out West.
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I had a dream that Lieutenant Commander Data was sent out on missions and kept disappearing, reappearing after at time to relate some really weird experience.

I blame Dan for this one. He said my eyes looked yellow.

I can't see that they do, though. If they did, I'd freak out.

I hate life just now.

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