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I am making lentils for lunch. Molly is prancing about the house in my church shoes. I can't wait to eat. I was going to do laundry this morning but the hose was frozen. I don't know if it's thawed out yet or not.
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I am so bored this morning. Just tired enough to not be able to focus on reading, let alone anything more mentally demanding, and very achy every time I get up and try to move. The kitchen needs to be cleaned up and I haven't got it in me.

So I listened to a couple sermons and basked in the glowing ghettoness of my blue and white light job in my room. Literally, I tossed a pile of lights over my bookshelf so it hangs down on either side with the excess clumped up on top. Ghetto. But that's okay.

And now I'm downloading more sermons because I think today is going to be a sermon day. Listening, I can do easily while lying down with my eyes closed.
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I'm planning to make soup for lunch.

Somehow, though, instead of making the soup, I'm sitting here on the couch typing a post because I feel like cosying up in the cushiness and just going to sleep, really. I think there is no such thing as too much sleep now.

GooGoo is wiggly.

Someday I'll write a post that has a point.
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Spot was being a pill today. I'm not sure what his problem is. He finally went to sleep. I'm not focusing very well on anything. I think I'll go hardboil some eggs.

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