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So, I took my violin to the music store to have Gary take a look at my fine-tuners. He was out, so I went to Teen Challenge to kill some time until he came back.

As I was perusing the 49-cent rack outside, a short, very tubby dude with sparse grey beardage and sweaty strings of hair spilling out from his baseball cap came out with a woman in a wheelchair. He saw my violin case and asked what I played and who my teacher was. He was positively bursting with pride as he related to me the story of his life and how he was the youngest rock band member ever at the age of twelve and how he was going to take back the title as champion wrestler this week wrestling against his stepson whom he hasn't seen in 25 years. He was charming in the sense that he clearly lives to tell of his past glory. It was like a charactrr actor in a movie bar. Their names were Ralph and Marla.

When I finally managed to gracefully extricate myself from Ralph's self-absorbed babbling and bowing, I went into Teen Challenge and had a good laugh with the boy behind the counter about Ralph, who apparently had treated him to the same spiel.

I found a copy of a book I loved about Helen Keller as a chidl and then went backtothe music store and Gary got my problem solved. And as I left the store to go home Irwin and Debbie drove by and waved.

Yes, I love small towns.


Project Patterns is progressing pokily, thanks to Molly constantly wanting glue, tape, scissors, and paper scraps. Qhat I am doing is putting my patterns in 9x12 manila envelopes, gluing the front/back of the original pattern envelope on the manila one, and writing company and number at the top. My goal is to have all my patterns a uniform size and therefore be able to store them more effectively (by pattern number). I barely made a dent today. Only did 25.

Got another dryerload of blueberries going; was going to do peaches but most of them were still hardish so I have left them out all day and will hope more are ready tomorrow morning.

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Number of times Molly burned her mouth with electricity: 2
Number of pro wrasslers met: 1
Number of patterns transferred to 9x12 manila envelopes: 15
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Today we had fried potatoes for breakfast. I also had scrambled eggs with green onions.

Today we went walking at Chip Morris Park in Corvallis. Molly was a happy camper; Spot was a pill. I think we are not going to take him walking any more. It's impossible to enjoy it (not to mention make any progress) when he refuses to budge. This makes me sad because I love taking him walking with us.

Today we finally went to Trader Joe's. Our verdict: too much 'spensive pre-packaged foodlike substance and not enough food. However, I saw some spring rolls/egg rolls in the frozen food section and that reminded me that I've wanted for years to learn to make those.

Today we went to First Alternative for good tortillas and rice noodles. I heart First Alternative. I love the people you see in there. They're so... Corvallisy. I also found that they had the wrap thingies for spring roll making. So we got some. I'm so excited to try them now.

Today we watched Buster Keaton in "The Saphead" and were both like... this is really dumb. We had pesto with rice noodles and leftover veggies too.
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I am fascinated by the fact that our neighbours who just moved in appear to be moving out.

Also, I think Ruth and Mari need to see this. !! Personally, I'll take the wrap. Oh my. That seriously is the funniest thing I've seen today. I am tempted to pay the five bucks for the pattern.

And for a bonus, a hilarious blog post about Olan Mills pictures.
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I don't know if any of you have seen the JC Penney jewellery ad where the dude gets his wife a dual-bag vacuum cleaner for Christmas and she throws him into the doghouse... but Dan and I saw it the other day and we were both like, um, okay? What exactly constitutes a romantic gift? The first thing we did was exchange glances and laugh because of what Dan got me for Christmas.

He said he could never get the hang of so-called romantic gifts.

Most women want jewellery or flowers or lingerie or a night out at a fancy restaurant and consider that romantic.

But I asked Dan for a jump rope for Christmas. That's what he got me. That's why we were laughing.

I guess that's one thing that makes us a little bit wacky. We really are pretty practical. I'd rather have a jump rope and get a bit of exercise that will benefit me in the long run rather than flowers that will wilt (although he did once buy me a handful of yellow tulips, and that was nice) or lingerie that will never survive a night in bed (much less the washing machine). He wouldn't get me jewellery anyway, and we're both indifferent to restaurants 99% of the time.

So to me it's more romantic to get a jump rope, because it's something I actually wanted and the fact that he gets me what I ask for rather than some silly trifle means something to me.

I guess I just don't get the concept of "romantic gifts". Are we just totally weird? What do you or would you think of as a romantic gift?
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Why am I sitting here blogging with a bag of Western Family All Purpose Bleached Flour at my feet?

Because I'm laughing at the transparency of their self-promoting ways.

The recipe on the back calls for Western Family all purpose flour, WF baking powder, WF salt, WF cinnamon, WF nutmeg, WF large eggs, WF buttermilk, WF granulated sugar, WF vegetable oil, WF vanilla, and WF frozen blueberries.


I know most companies do this. But this is the first time I've ever seen EVERY ingredient branded.

Of course, if you choose C&H sugar, the recipe would NEVER work.
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Our neighbours on the left of us are apparently moving out. They have hired a moving company to move them.

Yesterday the truck was parked out there. I saw neither hide nor hair of those movers most of the day. Perhaps they were inside packing. I do not know.

I'm sceptical of this, because instead of a regular, steady stream of items or boxes being removed from apartment to truck, I saw maybe six things transported.

Today I saw them take smoke breaks at least five times. They took a lunch break. They sauntered in and out of the apartment. Again they barely moved anything.

If I was paying a company to move me and it took them two days to move a fourth of what we moved in ONE DAY, I would be kind of irritated. Granted, we had help and our boxes were already packed. But we loaded a U-Haul, moved, and unloaded the U-Haul all in one day. I think it's ridiculous that three movers need to take this long.
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Well, we are now the possessors of over two hundred pounds of apples (picked by us) that were cheap (35 cents a pound). We also brought back a box of grapes that, after washing, juicing, straining, and straining, became about a gallon of grape juice. They are white grapes, so the juice is a beautiful apple cider colour. :-X We bought a couple cans of frozen purple grape juice to mix with it so the colour will be more appealing.

The husband is frying potatoes. Tomorrow we will attempt to can the grape juice. Following that, we have over two hundred pounds of apples to make into sauce and other stories.

At the place we picked them we were paying for them and another lady, her three children, and her mother came to pick apples and the children were hanging out the window of the car gazing in shock and disbelief at our large apple collection. "Are those ALL YOURS?" They were really cute.

Now, though, I'm feeilng really exhausted.

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