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Let's start the year off right with a chipper Janeway, shall we?

We were very boring people and didn't do anything exciting last night. Dan kept Molly in the office with him while he worked late (he came to bed after midnight) so that I could get some sleep *before* midnight. That was nice. We were both up at midnight, though, because she was due for a feeding at 11.30 (and woke up right at the right time).

And then we both got up around 7. Molly has been a sleepyhead to end all sleepyheads today. This enabled me to go on a walk that was cut short because it wasn't raining when I left the house and started raining when I got three blocks from home. Which caused me to turn about and go home looking like a drowned rat. It was pretty awesome.

And I also finally get all the laundry put away (hers from days ago) and sort and tidy her drawer. I took out some too-small things, added some new things, and it's much nicer now.

And I took Molly for a second walk (this time equipped with an umbrella - and guess what, it rained not, neither did it pour) to RiteAid on a quest for white chocolate for the purposes of making Stevi's yummy wc/cranberry cookies. They had none. No chips. Nothing. Not even wc M&Ms. I found this unacceptable. Oh well. I don't have time to make them today anyway.

My neck=still killing me. Time for lunch now.
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I am totally making Molly a dress next year that is boldly emblazoned with I'M A HANUKKAH BABY.

That is all.

Her birthday will fall right in the middle of it next year. She is going to have the sweetest party ever.
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I am so bored this morning. Just tired enough to not be able to focus on reading, let alone anything more mentally demanding, and very achy every time I get up and try to move. The kitchen needs to be cleaned up and I haven't got it in me.

So I listened to a couple sermons and basked in the glowing ghettoness of my blue and white light job in my room. Literally, I tossed a pile of lights over my bookshelf so it hangs down on either side with the excess clumped up on top. Ghetto. But that's okay.

And now I'm downloading more sermons because I think today is going to be a sermon day. Listening, I can do easily while lying down with my eyes closed.
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The mist outside really just descended so suddenly. When I came down here a little bit ago it was barely there at all and now I can just faintly make out the white trim on the house on the other side of the Elks parking lot - and only the white trim. I can't see the house at all. Very, very strange.

Dan is at Lois' house helping her with some computer issues she's having and I'm here at home feeling miserable but did finally get up the gumption to get the dishes washed. After all, if I have the energy to pop my frozen peach pie in the oven, the least I can do to earn the right to eat it is wash dishes, right?

I have really wanted peaches. We are out of frozen, which I wanted to stir into yogurt last night, and that made me sad. The only peaches we have in the house are in this pie. So... the pie is now out of the freezer and being revitalised in Mr Oven. Yum... I hope! This is my first attempt at warming over a (homemade) frozen pie.

The candles and the Hanukkah lights make it feel very nice and warm in here, too. What I feel like doing more than anything is curling up in bed and snuggling with Mr Baldwin, but probably by the time I creak and groan myself up the stairs tonight all I will have energy left for is dropping off to sleep.

GooGoo has one more day to be a November baby and make his mother really happy. He's been a lot less active today though he has still been moving around. My appointment tomorrow isn't until the afternoon because the midwife has some house visits to make... so that will be kind of strange, but nice if I decide to sleep in some in the morning.

Sort of bored. Should go finish the dishes, I guess. Wish I had the presence of mind to read, but I do not... although I have been going at "Christ's Object Lessons" pretty steadily.
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  • 02:50:29: isn't happy that the contractions seem to have stopped. Back to bed.
  • 07:30:52: Morning has broken... nothing else has, though. Blah. But she will not stop hoping for a GooGoo to come today anyway.
  • 08:49:09: is making pumpkin pies for the first time in her life. Wish her luck.
  • 10:39:55: So far, the pies look acceptable. They are about ready to take out of the oven.
  • 11:06:14: is on a cracker binge.
  • 14:06:55: 's back hates her; she returns the compliment. Sitting on the bed with comfy pillows trying to alleviate the situation. *sigh*
  • 15:05:10: is enjoying how Raffi has turned "Goodnight, Irene" from a slightly sordid love story to a song about sleeping animals. I heart you, Raffi.
  • 15:58:04: Fuzzy Spot - stolen valuable real estate on the pillow I *was* leaning on. Wiggly GooGoo - treating me to some nice fakey contractions.
  • 17:11:08: is slathering her freshly sanded feet with vitamin E cream.
  • 19:41:28: GooGoo is antsy. But he isn't apparently antsy enough to come out yet. Boo. Back to OCD-ing about my Thanksgiving table now.
  • 22:28:42: is heading to bed to charge up for all the giving of thanks tomorrow.

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  • 08:02:17: is very hungry. Mr Baldwin is making breakfast.
  • 08:24:54: The day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving? No. Way. I'M NOT READY. At least I have an extra pair of hands now.
  • 09:36:16: lying in bed trying to collect scattered hormonal debris and thinking about all she should be doing that isn't being done.
  • 11:25:07: has a brightly sunlit feline on the floor
  • 12:37:20: is suspicious... like a fox.
  • 13:16:17: is making vegan broccoli cheese soup for lunch... like a fox
  • 14:03:12: AAAAAH BELLA IS COMING....... and I am not her mom and I am still hyperventilating. Come on, GooGoo... you don't want to be outdone, right?
  • 15:04:29: is really hot... opening the window wide. Also, extremely sleepy. brief nap is in order?
  • 16:27:08: Come on, little GooGoo, we have bet the whole kaboodle on you! Run, giddyup giddyup giddyup, show a little speed! [/YDD moment]
  • 17:03:01: Got charged an overdraft fee anyway despite the fact that the lady at the bank yesterday said my deposit was going to stop that happening.
  • 19:34:43: is still hot. Pondering what to eat for dinner.
  • 21:41:48: listening to Spot frolicking with his furball
  • 22:36:27: loves her mussy-haired boy and her bed.
  • 23:20:38: @QQKachoo Vizen-froynd, as far as I know.
  • 23:57:31: is timing contractions.

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Just got back from grocery shopping for components of Thanksgiving essentials, fascinatingly most of them the essentials I don't particularly care for: pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes and celery for the veggie tray. :-p The sparkling cider, however, I care very much for. Got one bottle of plain apple and two of apple-cranberry, and one of those gets set aside if GooGoo is a girl. (I have plain already in the cupboard that I've been hoarding if he's a boy.)

Bella has apparently safely arrived, although Brittany is still a bit loopy from her meds and we may therefore not get pictures until tomorrow. Boo.


Anyway... tomorrow will be a busy day. I can't believe Anna has already been here a week and will be leaving so soon. Weirdness. But most everything has been done that needed to be, and tomorrow will take care of the rest of those tasks.

Unless, of course, GooGoo decides to be nice and come tonight?

What we will be doing tomorrow:

1. Pumpkin pies.
2. Green bean casserole.
3. Dusting.
4. Vacuuming.
5. Washing floors.
6. Bringing second table downstairs.
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Book 28: Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Hanukkah: With Light, Latkes, and Dreidels (Holidays Around the World) by Deborah Heiligman. 31pp

A very brief book with a very long title. Another grab from the children's shelf - it is meant for a much younger audience than the previous one I read, but it is full of beautiful photographs of real children celebrating the holiday all over the world, with the story simply told. Great for early readers or reading to very young children.

What is interesting to me in learning about Hanukkah is that it has a very rich layering of meanings, the least important of which is the concept of it being Another Winter Festival. I think the most powerful and beautiful message is one that any believer should embrace, whether they celebrate the holiday or not, and that is this:

God does not need great numbers to work His purposes and preserve His faithful people (think of Gideon with his 300 men against thousands). We may be few in number, but with God on our side, what can't we accomplish? (Assuming it's something He wants accomplished, that is.)

Also, this quote from the book I read yesterday is beautiful:

Hanukkah candles stand for spirit, courage, justice, and hope. A candle gives off a tiny light, but it has the power to light another candle. And when it does, its own light increases at the moment of contact.

With that thought in mind, this song, already a favourite of mine, seems now a perfect embodiment of the Hanukkah spirit.

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Well, I would have utterly forgotten about it being St Patrick's Day if it were not for my 5.30a data entry.

We are both wearing green (sort of) and we'll have potatoes for dinner. That's about as celebratory as we'll get since I hardly planned ahead.


Now, on to more techy things. While I really dislike the Kindle (it is tactile-y displeasing to me, both because of my small hands and because, well, it just is clunky), I am really, really excited that there is an iPhone app where Amazon will let you sync with your Kindle, if you have one, or use the iPhone instead of the Kindle. WOOHOO.

I'm not sure how much cheaper it is to buy books that way. And I'm not hugely into reading on a mobile device, honestly, but for travelling it sure would be nice to have it all on the iPod rather than carting twenty books around that I usually don't end up reading anyway because they're buried somewhere. I love having the Bible on the iPod. I almost never use my real Bible now.

Something to think about, anyway.

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