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Molly is on the floor. She was happily playing with her toys until I opened my LJ update window. Figures. I love my chubby little pumpkin.

Anyway, it has been a busy but very productive day. I have all my clients' stuff in paper bags now (so much tidier-looking than a pile of plastic grocery bags) and labelled by their names. It's in a neat stack in the corner. The floor was able to be cleared and vacuumed. YES. Of course, that means my computer table is piled high with odds and ends now, but that can be dealt with later. Most of it is probably pitchable.

And, I made two 13x9 pans of Chicken Garbanzo Divan: one for potluck tomorrow and one for us for Sunday or whenever. The kitchen is clean. The living room is mostly clean - Molly's toys are dumped out.

So, I feel accomplished and content, even though I know that in two days nobody will be able to tell it was ever this clean. I'll worry about that in two days.

Bible study is at Andrew and Kai's tonight. Apparently we are having pizza. Sounds yummy. I'm thinking of finding out if Frances and the kids want to come to our place after potluck tomorrow since Dr Paul won't be around to go door-to-door with Dan and maybe he can just go with Jim. We shall see.

Also, today I learned that the vacuum terrifies Molly. And she got some carrots mixed with rice cereal at lunch today because we had some. She seemed uncertain of the texture at first but in the end got probably a tablespoon or so down her.


Feb. 8th, 2010 08:39 pm
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Well, the laugh in Molly's sleep last night? Probably real. When Cindy was here she was making funny noises and Molly was definitely trying to laugh - like a half laugh or low volume giggle. I hope she will let go with bigger ones soon. So cute.

I discovered that, sadly, WinCo chocolate chips do not melt well in the microwave. Thankfully, C had Nestle Morsels with her that got nice and melty. We tried a minty truffle - the balls are currently freezing and can be coated tomorrow. The blob of Fail Chips from WinCo is hanging out in the fridge like a dried-out, petrified, very tasty cow pie.

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This evening started out with a lot of stress and frustration for me because my Friday evening bath was not the peaceful ritual it usually is (Somebody was hungry and wailing). Then Somebody just wanted to be cuddled, fed, cuddled, and fed, and the kitchen was a mess and the trash needed to be taken out and Somebody needed a bath because she was grubby. So much to do, so little time to do it.

In the end, Dan took care of the trash and kitchen and I gave Somebody her bath. Then we went to the Carpenters' for dinner and Bible study.

I love going to their house because it feels right to welcome in the Sabbath in good company around a table of good food. There is a peace and a joy in being with our Christian friends and having a time of sharing, visiting, and study. It just didn't matter any more that my bath had to be taken in stints.

Molly was very good. She pooped twice. Once she had to have her wardrobe changed. Then we got home and she pooped again.

Shabbat Shalom, everyone.
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Following some sage advice from a [ profile] krikketgirl, this mother decided to go ahead and start transitioning M to her crib in the other room. First step: portable crib at foot of our bed. This way she's by neither of our heads (specifically mine), but still handy to fetch when nom time cometh. Going to try this for a few nights and see if it helps us (and her) sleep better.

She's continued to be pretty good today, though around lunch time she was kind of fussbudgety and needed a lot of attention. She finally did go to sleep though.

I've had a pretty productive day: did a load of sheets and towels, sorted out her next size of clothes and made them easily available for when we need them (she's already growing out of some of her first sleepers!), made eggplant curry for lunch, washed the dishes, put away the laundry, took the dining room chairs back downstairs, ironed the sheet/pillowcases, finished all my e-mails that I needed to send...

In other words, I've been busy. It has felt good to be busy and not be overwhelmed with fatigue.

Donna is going to come by at some point tomorrow to watch Molly so we can "do whatever". I'm sure Dan will be working; I've been wanting to draw a picture of M though and haven't had a chance, so I think I'll do that while she's here.
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We just got home from Bible study a little bit ago. Molly did beautifully and slept the whole time pretty much. Frances held her for a long time, and it was only right when we were about to leave that Molly decided she was hungry and started howling. So we hurried home and I fed her for a whopping five minutes or so before she lost interest. From her screaming I think she should have been more hungry than that. LOL.

About ready to go to bed now. So ready.
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Katrina left a little while ago. Had a nice walk at McDowell Creek Park. I charged along like a crazy woman. I had no idea I was capable of charging these days. But I did, and it felt grand until the very end when I had to pee and couldn't think of anything else. Spot went along. He is now conked out on the cot. It was good for him. :-p Been a long time since he has been out on a walk and he did quite well. He even went up to a fairly large dog and sniffed noses before deciding to bush up and arch up.

Very, very sleepy now though. I want to sleep in tomorrow morning.

Also, my iPod's battery seems to be draining in no time at all. This makes me sad.
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  • 08:02:17: is very hungry. Mr Baldwin is making breakfast.
  • 08:24:54: The day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving? No. Way. I'M NOT READY. At least I have an extra pair of hands now.
  • 09:36:16: lying in bed trying to collect scattered hormonal debris and thinking about all she should be doing that isn't being done.
  • 11:25:07: has a brightly sunlit feline on the floor
  • 12:37:20: is suspicious... like a fox.
  • 13:16:17: is making vegan broccoli cheese soup for lunch... like a fox
  • 14:03:12: AAAAAH BELLA IS COMING....... and I am not her mom and I am still hyperventilating. Come on, GooGoo... you don't want to be outdone, right?
  • 15:04:29: is really hot... opening the window wide. Also, extremely sleepy. brief nap is in order?
  • 16:27:08: Come on, little GooGoo, we have bet the whole kaboodle on you! Run, giddyup giddyup giddyup, show a little speed! [/YDD moment]
  • 17:03:01: Got charged an overdraft fee anyway despite the fact that the lady at the bank yesterday said my deposit was going to stop that happening.
  • 19:34:43: is still hot. Pondering what to eat for dinner.
  • 21:41:48: listening to Spot frolicking with his furball
  • 22:36:27: loves her mussy-haired boy and her bed.
  • 23:20:38: @QQKachoo Vizen-froynd, as far as I know.
  • 23:57:31: is timing contractions.

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Just got back from grocery shopping for components of Thanksgiving essentials, fascinatingly most of them the essentials I don't particularly care for: pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes and celery for the veggie tray. :-p The sparkling cider, however, I care very much for. Got one bottle of plain apple and two of apple-cranberry, and one of those gets set aside if GooGoo is a girl. (I have plain already in the cupboard that I've been hoarding if he's a boy.)

Bella has apparently safely arrived, although Brittany is still a bit loopy from her meds and we may therefore not get pictures until tomorrow. Boo.


Anyway... tomorrow will be a busy day. I can't believe Anna has already been here a week and will be leaving so soon. Weirdness. But most everything has been done that needed to be, and tomorrow will take care of the rest of those tasks.

Unless, of course, GooGoo decides to be nice and come tonight?

What we will be doing tomorrow:

1. Pumpkin pies.
2. Green bean casserole.
3. Dusting.
4. Vacuuming.
5. Washing floors.
6. Bringing second table downstairs.
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  • 09:32:55: had a good night's sleep, by the way. Thanks God.
  • 11:28:11: @jacquelynfisher Overseas sounds so fun right now. Can I come too? LOL
  • 13:31:17: Spot is an armless, furry slug on my pillow. Wish my camera was handy. It's hilarious.
  • 20:18:54: has a houseful of folk and one of them is playing the guitar. Life is good.
  • 21:13:37: [This is] the end of the matter; all hath been heard: fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.
  • 22:17:08: ready for beddybye. So glad it's Sabbath. WHEEEEEEEEEEE REST! I CAN HAS! and maybe another shoulder massage from Mr Baldwin

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  • 06:56:42: is about ready to go for her morning walk... in the rain. I like this day.
  • 08:27:53: is heading to church in a few minutes. First week as assistant chorister. Does anyone else think "chorister" is just a WEIRD WORD?
  • 21:12:54: is listening to Dan and Kai discuss trigonometry
  • 21:25:41: has a baby that Will Not Sit Still. He's desperately wanting to get out, apparently, and hammering around with Little Baby Fists.

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  • 06:16:07: Dear Joann FabricsE-mail Ad, I do not want great deals on fleece, thank you very much.
  • 08:54:36: just finished a Lovely Fried Potato Breakfast with her husband. She also had peanut butter toast and three ginger cookies. And pills.
  • 08:55:38: @Ruthette I would hug you and tell you to get better, but... I guess I'll just have to settle for hoping you get better.
  • 11:41:17: is insanely hot.
  • 13:26:31: OUCH. GooGoo. Not the fingernail poke of doom again.
  • 14:35:06: The neighbours' dog makes hen-laying-eggs noises when he tries to poop.
  • 14:55:37: I'm glad this isn't MY last name.
  • 21:27:18: watched The Bride Came COD w/ her man, took bath to soothe achy breaky hindquarters, and is heading to bed hearing coyote noises...

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  • 07:56:40: is back home from a walk in the cold, made the bed, and is looking over the chorister schedule for the coming year...
  • 16:42:04: is hanging out at George and Misty's
  • 19:24:25: loves her orange fuzzball and having a tummy full of yummy food
  • 19:56:23: GooGoo is oozing around. I just had a foot or something poke out my side for a minute.
  • 20:31:21: just threw up a little in her mouth. Ew. That is what she gets for crunching up her organs on the floor playing with the orange fuzzball.
  • 20:56:51: is in bed with a wiggly baby
  • 21:12:50: falling asleep tonight, somehow I know

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I can't get enough of George Winston lately to suit me. I've been giving a lot of thought to what I want on my Labour Music Playlist and good ol' George is going to have a prominent place on there for sure. It's so soothing and yet full of energy. I'm not sure I want a lot of vocal stuff on it, because I'd like it to be something I can tune out easily if necessary, which isn't easy for me with vocals. Should see how much stuff we have that fits my preferences and find out how long a time it will last. Technically... I could always just turn on the Pandora station and let it go.

I have gluten steaks simmering on the stove. I am always shocked at how much they puff up. I made them tiny to begin with and they're like... huge now. And making my pot overflow onto the stove. Thanks, gluten steaks.

Since it's our turn to host Bible study tomorrow night, I thought I'd make pepper steaks to serve for supper for those who want to converge a bit early and eat first. Figured I'd get the steaks made today, since they are a slightly involved process in themselves, so I can not have to worry about that tomorrow when I'll be needing to make bread and soup and such for Sabbath. I also want to get the place dusted and vacuumed today, but we'll see how long my energy holds out.

Dan hasn't decided who he wants to have over after church exactly except Roger and Marla and the Guy Who Sits Next To Us at church whose name I don't know. I also suggested a couple people so we'll see who he ends up calling.

I'm watching the candles flickering here on the table. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with candles lately. I went for a LONG time without caring a bit whether I ever had any lit, and now that fall has hit it seems I want them on all the time. Our wedding candle is still here on the table. It's lasted this long... wondering if we can make it last to our second anniversary? :-) I'm not burning that one just now, though, just some smaller ones.

I suppose I'd better get off here. Steaks are almost done boiling.
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Somebody in Africa wants to repose on me.

Apparently he thinks that will help our business transaction go more smoothly (you know, those poor relatives died AGAIN!)


I apparently make a lot of INFJ friends. I still haven't met another ISFJ.


Dan requested the other night that I put the down blanket back on the bed because it has been so cold. Of course, doing so yesterday brought back warm temperatures. Supposed to be warm again today.

Going to meet Kai at 11-ish and peruse the shops along Main Street.
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Getting a tad of a headache. I'm staying inside to avoid contact with whatever is floating in the air disturbing my sinusi and sitting still to avoid getting too warm. It's 87 out now. Ew. I'm wanting something to eat and can't decide what. Popcorn may be in order.

Brain is foggy but it feels so nice to rest anyway. I don't like the summer heat but I like all the fun things we are planning to do in spite of it, including going camping with Katrina in a couple weeks. With Morningstar hot dogs! and marshmallows! and chocolate! (Dan was groaning, but said since I was So Excited about Morningstar Hot Dogs...........) Camp meetings will be in July and those are always nice although I'm sure we'll just go Sabbath and not other days. Life is good. I like being an Adventist. It is a lovely way of life... and it somehow manages to BE a way of life in spite of not having, say, an external rule book chained to one's ankle. It is pleasant and freeing rather than burdensome. I can definitely handle that. Which reminds me I started a post on something a while ago and never finished it. Someday.

Popcorn... Is it sad that I can consume an entire batch by myself? I think it may be. But I can and do.

Drowsy Jael needs to rouse self to go see what is causing that suspicious noise in the other room.
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Andrew and Kai... are alvays late. I called them at 5.15 and they said they'd be here 6.30 or 7 and if they would be late they'd call.

It's 7.30 now and he just finally called.

It's insane.

Anyway, I'm super-bored. Spot doesn't want to cuddle and there's only so much one can do on Facebook. I did a little reading. I like this verse: Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands... (1 Thess 4.11)
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Well, my energy has returned today after recuperating all day yesterday from Sunday's exertions. I move that it was the cherry pie that cured me.

I even made French toast for breakfast. I learned that I must soak my bread longer in the egg stuff than when using store bread.

Anyway... I started a boy's jacket today because I cut one out the other day from one of the vintage patterns I got on eBay a while back. I'm using plaid flannel shirting in glorious Sperry and McGurk style... it won't be a super-warm coat, but a nice jacket for spring or fall methinks. Taking a break for the moment though as I always do when I get to the parts of sewing I really hate (facing collars and setting sleeves). I also cut out a pair of denim pants to go with the coat.

Kai called me last night and said Misty is having a tupperware party this evening to which nobody was coming and so I guess I'll be going to that tonight with her. Dan asked me if I was going to buy a bunch of stuff. Ih. I doubt it, unless something looks strikingly useful. Kai said it was weird because she hasn't been to a tupperware party since she was a child going with her mom. Ditto for me. I guess that means we're old now.


And, because this is a true gem that I found on [ profile] eattheolives's Facebook page and it made me giggle:

Mari has a message for the masses: AVOID SUPERFLUOUS QUOTATION MARKS! The world will be a nicer place. Never, never, never write "French" bread unless your bread is only masquerading as French. Nor should you write "Fresh" pizza unless your pizza is really four weeks old.

Methinks I need a similar statement on my profile, except it would be about inappropriate apostrophes. I saw someone's house this morning had a sign that said "The Tarrant's".

The Tarrant's what? Even if you MEANT it to be possessive, as in "So-and-so's House", the proper apostrophe placement for a home with multiple dwellers would be "Tarrants'". This gets my goat constantly because it is EVERYWHERE. I'm not sure whether this or improper use of quotation marks annoys me more.

I love my fuzzy beast who sits on my lap and makes noiseless mews at me.
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Today has been a long day and I'm really tired, but we did get invited over to have lunch with some people at church so it was nice to visit and get acquainted with some more folks.

Spot was definitely just looking at an invisible caption above his head.

And I want chocolate, but already had a handful and am trying to exercise self-control.

How was your day?
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I didn't have time to finish the post I made last night because Andrew said he was making food and we went over to help him eat it before doing Bible study. I discovered that I like Stash's acai berry tea a lot.

Anyway, one thing I was going to post about yesterday was Spot. He used to go beside the fridge, squeeze around the corner, and get behind the stove. Yesterday he had to face the unpleasant truth that he is no longer able to do that. I felt so bad for the poor baby. He must have tried like twenty times to make that corner, and every time he'd back out he'd look up and me and cry because he couldn't do it. I tried to explain to him that that was what happened when you grow up, but I am not sure he understood.

The other thing that I've been mulling over, and brought up to Dan yesterday, is the way CS Lewis has so many Adventist concepts, specifically concepts presented by Ellen White, down pat in his books. Existence of other worlds unfallen. Adam and Eve having been specifically warned, as Aslan warned the one boy whose name I don't remember, about the fact that they would be tempted before Satan showed up and got them to eat the fruit. The way Satan's mind works. Just to name a few.

Every book I've read so far of Lewis' seems to present some concept or other that would be familiar to anyone in the Adventist church who is at least a little familiar with Ellen White.

So my question is, was Lewis familiar with her writings, or did he come up with this stuff on his own?

Obviously, I'm not putting Lewis on the same... level, for lack of a better word... as Ellen White. He was not a prophet in the way she was. Still, that would not stop God from giving him some of the same ideas He revealed to her.

Lewis may not have always used the ideas to the best of their advantage, but the ideas are there nonetheless.

It's just really fascinating me, and Dan agreed once I started pointing out specific things that hit me that way, that God is God and truth is not limited to be revealed to just one person.

That being said, I'm really enjoying Perelandra.

I'm kind of feeling like backing out on having anyone over today. I'm just still really tired.

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