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I came upstairs at this ridiculous hour to scan photos... only to find that I didn't bring the right cable for the scanner. BLAH. So annoying.

So I answered a couple e-mails instead, which was probably actually more important to do.

Today is Jacob's birthday. I'm really looking forward to seeing his cake, because I'm DYING to know how the decorator is going to pull it off. He wanted this:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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We got here around 2 yesterday and Molly wanted to be fed so I fed her. Then I went with my mom to pick up some food stuff and Dan stayed at the house with Molly and Anna and Jacob. We had pizza for dinner and Anna's friends Tiffany and Karisa came over about 6 to visit for a while. Jacob and I decorated the gingerbread cookies. I made a Janeway cookie and a Chakotay cookie. Yes. I am a geek. I probably didn't get the uniforms quite right, but I was pulling from memory due to being too lazy to go look for a reference picture. Also, Chakotay's tattoo=difficultness. But... it's a COOKIE. So. Anyway.

I think I just heard a Molly crying downstairs. I should probably go check on her.
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Dan has moved that we not go to Pedee until this afternoon. I approve. This will give me time to make a casserole to take along so Donna doesn't have to cook us anything and then we won't have to take Spot either since we won't be gone as long.

Spot was cuddly last night but I do feel like I got a fairly good stretch of sleep. I woke up at 5 am instead of 2 to go to the bathroom. I also had this huge crusty glob of dried blood almost completely closing one nostril. That was gross.

Also, this has me drooling:
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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I already ate three. This is not good. Okay, so they *are* smaller than the real thing. But still. It's been a long time since I had a real one, so honestly I'm not positive they're the same flavour, but close enough to make my day.

Also, I'm tired of being on my feet in the kitchen. What a mess is there to clean up and that's the last thing I want to do right now. The plus side is that most of the work is done for tomorrow except the apple crisp and the bread I need to bake, which I may put off until Thursday simply because I can. My relatives will be arriving around five.
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Book 32: Prince Caspian. 186pp

Dan says he is glad we are not in a reading competition together. He seems to think it unfair that I'm already through P.C.


I'm really tired. I'm making potato soup for tomorrow.

I already made a pie. I tried an oil crust on request of Mr Baldwin. It was made of fail.

So I made a normal crust instead and baked him the oil crust on a cookie sheet to have with cinnamon and sugar or some such.

Donna is sick, so they're not coming tomorrow after all. Upside: I don't have to wait until then to cut into the pie. Still, though, it's too bad.

We'll probably go to church in Lebanon tomorrow because Andrew is preaching.

There's always so much to do. Why do I never seem to get it all done?
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Spot has found a nice little nesting area in the bedroom to curl up in: a little rounded area of my down blanket. I shut him in there because I got tired of chasing him around keeping him out of mischief.

We are still here in Pedee. Dan and Norm were making a scratching post for Spot and now they are out digging up moss.

Dan just came in and wants me to come find a Christmas tree with him.
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Up at five again. We said goodbye to Grandma and were out the door at 5.45 and by the time we got gas and were on the road it was 6, so we were out in a timely fashion. This was good. I was crocheting on the road, but I have nothing to cut my yarn with and since I was sick of this project I was not trying very hard to find something to cut with.

Dan getting out another layer of shirt because the Subway Cave is cold.

Sign at the cave

Dan inspecting local flora


Jael at entrance of cave

Entrance of cave. It was pretty dark.

Dan coming out the other end of the cave.


Scenery and a husband

Smoky California

Mr Baldwin in the car.

Musings on the trip... as undemonstrative as Dan's family can be, there is a definite love and caring going on. I think the Acts of Service Love Language is spoken pretty fluently. Dan and Norman spent a long time out in the heat pruning and cleaning up Grandma's yard when they could have been comfortably relaxing in the cool house or something.

Grandma was very nice and apparently told Dan that I fit right in. This was good. She also told us she hoped we would be as happy as she and her husband were. He died nine years ago. She said she wished I could have known him.

Home is nice. The heat was intense and outside was so bright I have had this empty-headed feeling that hurts, not to mention just feeling really lethargic and faint. I did have a good time though.
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When people are old enough to move into senior mobile home parks, it seems they get into really tacky lawn decor. *cough*

Sunflowers right across from grandma's house.

Mountains on the way to church in Tahoe.

The church sign. "Heavenly Valley" rivals "Hope Valley" for sheer corn value. Especially considering that Tahoe is hardly in a valley in any case.

The sanctuary - so simple and so pretty.

I gave my Keno money to God. They had a potluck - imagine that. We didn't stay though. I hope that hasn't jinxed Dan's and my luck at visiting on the potluck Sabbaths. :-p The pastor was a very quiet speaker but his message was interesting, about building the temple in Jerusalem in Haggai.

We drove down to Lake Tahoe afterwards and ate some snacks and walked around.

Dan on a couple of rocks.

The lake. I have no idea where Nelson and co. were in relation to where we were. It didn't feel at all like Rose-Marie to me.

Yours truly about to step into the water. It was all glittery and golden with mica or something similar.

A pier

Donna and Arlene

We got home about three because Donna wanted to go swimming before the pool closed (7p) and she hadn't gotten her swim yet.

We had dinner which was yumness and scanned more photos. I do love old photos. This is a photo of me with a Smokey Bear that has been in the family for ages.
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Woke up and did take temperature and then went back to sleep until about 8.30 when Mr Baldwin decided to arise. Had some Cheerios to fix my low blood sugar and then Donna made fried potatoes and cantaloupe. It is ten now and we are about to go to Costco. Dan and Norman are out doing yard work.

Well, we went to Costco and came home briefly... then we went to Dollar Tree where Donna bought us some Coke glasses - the nifty green type - and then to Grocery Outlet. After we got home we sat and rested a bit before heading to the Nugget again for lunch. I had a double cheeseburger. I had more luck with Keno and won a whopping four dollars. I also had an ice cream sundae that was a tad bit messy. I suspect the chocolate syrup was heated up and caused everything to melt.

Norman spreading ketchup on crackers as an appetizer while Donna scolds him.

The ceiling was backlit stained glass and this reflected in my flatware.

Sceptical Dan is sceptical.

Messy Sundae, Inc.

I fan myself with my huge $4 winnings.

After that, we went to Virginia City. Now that was a spot I could have spent many many hours enjoying. I have to confess I had a definite fascination with the Red Light Museum, but I had a feeling no-one else would share this fascination, so we didn't go. *cackle* Grandma and Donna stayed in a casino and played while the rest of us walked around and looked at things. We saw a shop full of really neat minerals and rocks - they had some huge amethyst geodes that were like $3000 - and in another place beheld the Famous Suicide Table and the $100,000 world globe (which was actually only a $450 world globe at the time of its purchase). We went down to the Catholic Church but of course it was closed. So we took photos in front of the statue of Mary and a red door. Then we went back to meet with the others, who got kicked out of the Bonanza because it was closing time, but there was a place to sit so they were waiting for us.

I will give you nightmares.
Heavily laden with further photos )
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I did not sleep that great and woke up needing the bathroom desperately. I just skipped taking my temperature that morning because it was too complicated - I knew I wouldn't get another three hours of sleep, for one.

We were up at five and out right around six. We stopped once to switch drivers, once at a rest stop to switch drivers again, once at a gas station, once at another rest stop, and then not again until we got here right around four. We went to the Nugget right away for dinner. I had fish and chips because. We played one round of Keno because Grandmother likes to. I have never been to a Casino before. Quiiiiiiiiiiiiite interesting. Well, I've been to Dave & Buster. Not sure if that really counts though. *coughgirlyfrogstrawscough*

So, we had a good dinner. We came home. Robert and Carol both called Grandma and talked to her for a minute and Donna for like ten. Robert wants her to come out to Michigan next week (he's a Republican something or other with some event to go to) and Carol had death news of some sort. We visited for a while and then Dan and I went to bed around nine because I was exhausted.

This would be Donna warming up her ice cream in the microwave. It ended up being really gross. Grandma told her not to eat it because it was so old, but she didn't listen.

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