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Dream Theatre Factoid: The medical field is dominated 110% by men because too many people will only see a man doctor. You can't just go in and choose between Dr Jeanie and Dr Tuloid.

Also in my dreamiverse Spot got out in the dark and Dan had to go track him down.

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*I was pregnant again and far enough along that I could feel the baby kicking around. (At least there's no way that that one can be true.)

*Dan was going to Chile, without me, and hadn't told me until the morning he was going to leave, or explain why. I was like following him around the house and neither of us were saying anything. He just looked sad but determined and I was just wanting to hold on to him hoping that would keep him with me.

*There was some sort of transportation device that looked like a lushly jungled island where I was apparently in the body of some woman who had cancer and she was on a waiting list to be cared for and it had been a year and she still had several months before her name would be up. She was really hysterical and I felt bad for her because I was also another character in the drama.

*Dan and I were getting Molly some little dog-tag-chain necklace with two little charms on it to remember us by.

What is going ON with my subconscious?
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Not only did I dream last night that Molly had a twin being born two weeks later (incidentally, I have no idea why I thought I was giving birth again because in the dream I was skinny again and having no contractions - the joy of dreams :-X)... but I also dreamed that Harriet from UP showed up at our house in the dark and I was confused in the dream and still confused now exactly what happened because all I remember is something to do with the eye of Soran (sp?) and a camp lantern that Harriet wanted to borrow so she could sleep out in the cold.

We didn't get much sleep last night... at least I didn't feel I did. Molly seemed really fractious. I think at one point she was hot from lying on me, but then nothing seemed to make her happy, either. She pooped several times and pulled her usual nighttime "I'm hungry but I'm only going to eat for two minutes at a time over the course of two hours" routine.

Hoping she's good at church today. I need to get her ready now because we have to leave a little after eight.

And I need a better "Jael Didn't Get Enough Sleep" icon. Mostly-dead Sylvia just isn't quite the thing. Ideas, anyone?
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I wish I could remember more clearly the bizarre dreams I had last night. Because they were, truly, bizarre. I vaguely recall something about adding "o" to the end of words, and now that I'm awake I can't get "Peggy-O" out of my head.
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  • 21:14:54: Time for bed. Maybe I can sleep through the night. Maybe I will not dream again that my husband shaved off precisely half his moustache...
  • 21:15:14: ... but left his beard.

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Such a sunshiny day today.

I woke up at four in the morning to pee and Spot heard I was up and came trotting into bed to cuddle. He put my arm to sleep and kept *me* awake trying to find a better position for my arm so it wouldn't go to sleep again, but finally I drifted off and had a really random dream that I went to Cambridge Springs to the Nelson gathering, only it wasn't at the Riverside and CS seemed nonexistent; where were staying was really random; there were only like ten people there and I knew two of them; somebody had converted his Chevy into a Prius; some teenage boy was following me around; I was called up for jury duty; the world underwent massive changes and we went from seven continents to two...

So I'm not really all that alert, but I'm content.

Time to meet the day.
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This morning, it was vivid dreams about sweeping cobwebs and running across one that was in a gorgeously woven floral pattern that, when the light shone through, was as jewel-coloured as a stained-glass window. But for some reason it moved to another window, lost its colour, and became elusive the minute I got out my camera.
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Last night I dreamed that Spot had kittens. Three were miniatures of himself. The third was dark and had a bobbed haircut with a red bow.
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My fingers are soreness incarnate.

I have succeeded in binding two and a half sides of the Pooh quilt. Tying was a dream. So fast. The binding, however, I'm putting on by hand because I'm cool that way. I was hoping to have it done today but apparently that was not to be.

Back is somewhat better. At least I have most of my mobility back.

Also I dreamed that I was in a huge building, like a school or something, with long halls and shiny tile floors. Deanna Troi was having a fling with some really young blond dude and then some big black guy and a cohort came into the picture. There was talk of someone setting off an atom bomb and then I was outside the building and there was this explosion. Which everyone was sure was the atom bomb but it ended up being merely a fire in the building.

And I just had to ask Dan if I dreamed that I told him about this dream. I hadn't.

A few days ago I dreamed that Obama made a speech stating that his ultimate political goal was to rule the world from the Vatican.

It's already going to be Friday tomorrow and I've accomplished so little this week. Blah.
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I had a dream that Lieutenant Commander Data was sent out on missions and kept disappearing, reappearing after at time to relate some really weird experience.

I blame Dan for this one. He said my eyes looked yellow.

I can't see that they do, though. If they did, I'd freak out.

I hate life just now.
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Last night I dreamed I was having two babies, but they weren't twins. They were going to be born like three months apart.


At the end of the dream, I was holding William and he was bright-eyed and had a very round head. He looked like an early Peanuts character. He was quite adorable.

I just got out of the tub. We went and worked out this morning. I have "Smells Like Nirvana" running through my head now. Must listen to something else to get it out of my head.

I can't wait until lunch. So I can have a big piece of cake and Rocky Road. I got none yesterday. Do not ask.
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Rosey is amused by Penny. *fuzzy making happyness*

So, I dreamed last night that my coat wouldn't zip because it was too tight and I was having cigarettes put in my mouth constantly to smoke. I kept forgetting to tap the ash off and I had like an inch of ash on the end.

The husband is making waffles this morning and we will probably go out walking someplace.
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I dreamed last night that we were at the beach. It was crowded with people, and [ profile] nuranar's family had a house there. It was very large and furnished but I couldn't seem to see the furniture very well. I was waltzing with her father and thinking it was weird that suddenly I was able to dance perfectly.

There was a crackle of anticipation in the entire scene, and I was standing on a veranda leaning on the railing and saw an opening in the clouds. Suddenly I realised why the anticipation, because suddenly angels were appearing around that opening and the light got brighter, and I knew that Jesus was coming.

This morning I want to share this message with you. Every time I hear someone blame God for the bad things that happen in the world, it hurts me deeply. The Bible is so clear that God is not the one responsible, and this message is so powerful and really hits the nail on the head on the subject - using the Bible and not a shred of man's theories to prove the point. I strongly recommend everyone to listen to it, whether you believe in God or not.

The Great Red Dragon Speaker: Shawn Boonstra
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I forgot to add that this morning I dreamed that at the hospital they kept people on oxygen. After a while they would have a talk with the person on oxygen and make them promise to be good if they took them off the oxygen. The patients promised, and upon removal of the oxygen they became invisible and went around wreaking havoc left and right. One of them took a nice rectangular chunk out of a brick wall with a sledgehammer.

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