Oct. 25th, 2011 05:09 pm
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My new blog: Too Cheap for Pine Nuts

I'm crazy.

Anyway. My entire afternoon got slurped up by said blog, so I better go do dishes.

This has been a very blah day. If I had more energy I would elaborate.
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I feel like I spend my life not accomplishing much of anything.
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I ate huge amounts of lunch. I just can't seem to do the small meals thing. I don't know why. *sigh* In spite of that, I don't feel any MORE sick than I did before. No further nausea or longings to upchuck. This is good. I still don't feel a-bubble with energy, however. I lay down for a bit hoping to be able to sleep, but GooGoo wanted to wiggle. So much for that. But at least it was lay-down time.

I've also been such a good girl and eaten NO sweets today. I gotta say I can't help but wonder if my body is, at least in part, reacting to Not Being Fed Chocolate.

I can has bath tiem nao.
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Dan is off to pick up Dixie from the airport and I'm sitting here freaking out because I still have so much to do before sundown. Blaaaaaaaaaaah.

I have the taco salad thing all made except I'm waiting for the beans to cool before adding them.

I can load up the dishwasher and save a little time.

I need to take out the garbage.

Technically I should also vacuum. I might cheat and just do the bathroom.

I think I need a s'more.
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I feel like a blob.
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I wish I had something like real to post about.

But I don't.


Maybe tomorrow.

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I am NOT sleeping well. This place gets noisier all the time. I'm waking up early every morning lately it seems because some intelligent person or other is making some sort of noise - sometimes it's a neighbour just talking and sometimes it's a vehicle. Like the Harley owner who revs up his motor (I accidentally typed mother first - so out of it am I) every morning at like 5 and tears out of here like he wants to wake the dead.

This morning I heard the Harley owner and someone dropping glass and the other wonderful person who, on a regular basis, screams out of here in his car. I'm suspecting he needs new tires on a weekly basis.

All in all, I can't wait to get out of this joint Complex of Luxury Homes. I am not rested. I am not awake. I want to crawl back into bed and wake up in a much more refreshed and charitable mood... but I can't. In one short hour we must leave for church.

I should go out at two AM sometime and start playing "Smells Like Nirvana" at full blast. I mean, we're leaving the place soon and all.

Speaking of Weird Al... two days to go.
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Well... the bedroom has been cleaned. The pie has FINALLY been finished and put in the freezer and the kitchen is cleaned up, minus floors. The hall and bathroom are clean. Laundry done.

Now... herbs? Bleeeeeeeh.
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The husband is working away. This wife is slightly bored. She was typing up journal entries and that grew stale. owns her.


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