Bad Day.

Sep. 6th, 2011 05:49 pm
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I am just not, in any shape, form, or manner, having a good day today. So I guess [ profile] eattheolives can add me to her grumpy list.

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I came upstairs at this ridiculous hour to scan photos... only to find that I didn't bring the right cable for the scanner. BLAH. So annoying.

So I answered a couple e-mails instead, which was probably actually more important to do.

Today is Jacob's birthday. I'm really looking forward to seeing his cake, because I'm DYING to know how the decorator is going to pull it off. He wanted this:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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We got here around 2 yesterday and Molly wanted to be fed so I fed her. Then I went with my mom to pick up some food stuff and Dan stayed at the house with Molly and Anna and Jacob. We had pizza for dinner and Anna's friends Tiffany and Karisa came over about 6 to visit for a while. Jacob and I decorated the gingerbread cookies. I made a Janeway cookie and a Chakotay cookie. Yes. I am a geek. I probably didn't get the uniforms quite right, but I was pulling from memory due to being too lazy to go look for a reference picture. Also, Chakotay's tattoo=difficultness. But... it's a COOKIE. So. Anyway.

I think I just heard a Molly crying downstairs. I should probably go check on her.
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  • 08:02:17: is very hungry. Mr Baldwin is making breakfast.
  • 08:24:54: The day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving? No. Way. I'M NOT READY. At least I have an extra pair of hands now.
  • 09:36:16: lying in bed trying to collect scattered hormonal debris and thinking about all she should be doing that isn't being done.
  • 11:25:07: has a brightly sunlit feline on the floor
  • 12:37:20: is suspicious... like a fox.
  • 13:16:17: is making vegan broccoli cheese soup for lunch... like a fox
  • 14:03:12: AAAAAH BELLA IS COMING....... and I am not her mom and I am still hyperventilating. Come on, GooGoo... you don't want to be outdone, right?
  • 15:04:29: is really hot... opening the window wide. Also, extremely sleepy. brief nap is in order?
  • 16:27:08: Come on, little GooGoo, we have bet the whole kaboodle on you! Run, giddyup giddyup giddyup, show a little speed! [/YDD moment]
  • 17:03:01: Got charged an overdraft fee anyway despite the fact that the lady at the bank yesterday said my deposit was going to stop that happening.
  • 19:34:43: is still hot. Pondering what to eat for dinner.
  • 21:41:48: listening to Spot frolicking with his furball
  • 22:36:27: loves her mussy-haired boy and her bed.
  • 23:20:38: @QQKachoo Vizen-froynd, as far as I know.
  • 23:57:31: is timing contractions.

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  • 09:45:23: is not happy with the Indian child sponsorship people. At all.
  • 15:00:13: @jacquelynfisher Oh, I'm just annoyed that they do not seem to care to communicate with me no matter how much I try to contact them...
  • 15:00:38: is sitting on the couch with an achy back while Anna sweeps cobwebbery from the ceiling.
  • 16:44:41: like a ravening she-wolf diggeth in the freezer, seeking what she may devour... because she is too lazy to make apple pie.
  • 17:49:43: wishes she had a Baby Eject Button
  • 21:27:58: Baby, spare that rib! It's mine! NOT YOUR PERSONAL FOOTREST.
  • 22:09:39: setting aside electronic devices in favour of sleep

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Ya know... it's really unacceptable to my mind that I e-mailed the Indian child sponsorship people ALMOST A FULL MONTH AGO to request they stop the automatic payments... and then about 3 days ago I finally get an e-mail from one of the 3 people involved who simply tells me he is passing the e-mail on to some other lady I've never heard of before. Nice.

And I got on my account this morning and sure enough they took another payment out. Out of my account that has no money in it.

I did not mince words this morning when I polite and crisply e-mailed the guy to express my non-happiness with this situation. Dan says I should go to the bank first thing in the morning and deposit $30 to cover what they are trying to take out, which I guess is a good idea because otherwise I'll be paying an overdraft fee (although I might already have to pay that anyway, depending).


Today I think we are going to take care of potted things outside that need discarding and put the empty pots away, because it's looking rather junky out there. Also sweep down cobwebs out front and in the house and then I should ask Anna what I was originally planning to do today because I have totally forgotten by this time.

I'm really getting hungry. I better go eat before I start feeling sick.
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I am really grumpy right now because today is sunny for the first time in days, Spot can actually go outside, and I hunted up and down this entire house for his stupid harness and couldn't find the thing. Seriously. It was ridiculous. Dan finally found it in the closet where it's supposed to be, but apparently buried under a bunch of stuff in the back or something. How it got there I do not know. But now it's starting to get cloudy. Of course. Put him out anyway, but I'm sure he won't be out there long enough to have made the hunt and the ensuing pain it caused me worth the effort.


This mini-rant ended up being longer than anticipated. )

I finally have all the baby stuff upstairs. When I get myself calmed down my goal for the day is to finish putting together the fans for my quilt so I can put it all away for the time being, take down the ironing board, and get stuff situated under the crib. Target apparently shipped the Pooh sheets today; still waiting for the bumper pad to go out.

I also have a lot of other untidiness in the office that just needs to be dealt with. I don't understand why this always happens in there, but it's my workspace and my stuff, so I can't put the blame on anyone but me.

Spot is now in.
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Dear World-at-Large,

December due date DOES NOT EQUAL Christmas baby.

Got that?

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I'm so frustrated that I have no recollection whatsoever that I set up a PIN for my library account.

Let alone what it may have been.

My books are due today, the library is closed, and I'm not done reading either of them.


So irritating.

As if that wasn't bad enough, some stupid antivirus thing launched itself apparently FROM the library's website and attempted to take over my life.

Guess I'll have to just go in to the library at some point tomorrow and get this sorted out.
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Thar be a WHOLE OTHER GARBAGE BAG of sensitive documents.

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